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Atlin, the robot that helps patients get out of bed faster

When a car accident caused a lengthy hospital stay for one of Director Knud Andreasens relatives, the electro engineer came up with the idea for a training robot. Today, Atlin the robot is in the process of being tested to prevent the extensive nerve and muscle damage that patients normally endure after bedridden periods.

The geriatric department at Odense University Hospital, where Atlin is currently being tested, has estimated that patients loose an average of 20 percent of their muscle mass while in hospital. Atlin the training robot not only prevents this making it easier for patients to get back to their normal life, but it also helps patients fight boredom, restlessness, poor appetite and not least it can prevent blood clots forming. “Everybody needs exercise, that’s self-evident, but the dilemma for bedridden patients is that they have to be well to exercise. That’s why we have aspired to meet a set of extremely high expectations with this machine. It will be used by people who are in a situation where they have enough problems. They should not feel that the robot brings them extra stress or discomfort,” emphasises Knud Andreasen, Director and founder of Atlinas Ltd.

Because Atlin functions via a set of pedals that move in straight line, it avoids strenuous circular motions and locked positions typical for conventional bed cycles. Furthermore, the robot adjusts the resistance to the pressure applied by the patient and is thus ideal for even the weakest of patients. “Even a little movement will help nerves and muscles being activated and with Atlin everybody can get started,” says Andreasen.Atlinas1

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