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Avena Partners
As three former colleagues (at one time or another), with a wealth of academic and business experience between us, we sat down one afternoon and said – “Lets do this together”. And so it was that Avena Partners was born, from a humble beginning holding meetings and telephone conferences with potential future customers in a car (“Con-in-car” was our first running name). Now we are a successful consultancy with our own office at Medicon Village in Lund.

The Mission
Avena’s mission is to help our clients to make the right decisions in order that they can reach their goals reliably, at a lower cost and in less time.

Making the right decisions
In life science business, making the right decision requires a full understanding and effective integration of several components. Avena offers a broad knowledge in bridging all the important issues of a commercially successful venture. In order to be effective and to achieve commercial goals, departments like R&D, business development, internal/external patents and legal must all communicate and coordinate their activities. Inevitably, perhaps, such coordination sometimes involves challenges, not least because different departments have different “languages”.

At Avena, we understand these different “languages” and have a long-standing experience in handling complicated programs. By taking advantage of our strategic skills, you can reduce the risk of misunderstandings between departments, enabling your company to work together in a more integrated and efficient manner. This reduces costs and allows you to reach your goals faster.

Examples on Avena Partners expertise and offer
Management of small companies
Project leadership
Intellectual property guidance (including patent strategies)
Business strategies
Funding guidance
Project evaluations
Assistance when starting up new businesses

Avenue – Education
Avena partners have a long experience in presenting and educating peers, colleagues and students.
Avena offers education programs such as;

Innovation – what is that
To be an Entrepreneur
Project evaluation
Business – How to start and how to run
What is intellectual property?

These are offered as single lectures, half-day or full-day programs.
We also run an entrepreneur program for high school teachers and have provided lectures in basic intellectual property for students at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University.

Karin Bryder
Karin holds a PhD in Medical Science with a focus on Immunology. Her academic work also includes studies of DNA vaccines, virus genetics and protein engineering. She has worked as lab director at Statens Serum Institut, Virology Department, Project manager and IP manager at Alligator Bioscience AB and as CEO of ProNoxis AB.

With a special interest and experience in method development and quality assurance, she excels at well-performed analysis. Her extensive experience in the development of routine diagnostics, large and small molecule pharmaceuticals and with patent strategies has given her an appreciation and understanding of the importance of high quality knowledge at every decision point.

Anki Malmborg Hager
Anki holds an M. Sc. in Chemical Engineering, a Ph.D. in Immunotechnology and a Pharma-MBA from Falconbury. She is the author of about 30 scientific papers and book chapters, and the inventor on a number of patents.

Being an inventor herself of a technology that forms the basis of a successful biotech company, Anki has the deep insight and invaluable experience in starting up small businesses. From her work for several small biotech companies, both as CEO and board member, and as an investment director, she understands the challenges these businesses face better than anyone.

Eskil Söderlind
Eskil´s formal education includes a PhD in molecular biology from Uppsala and an associate professorship at Lund University; he also has an executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) diploma. He is author of several scientific publications and is also named inventor on several commercially successful patents.

Eskil has more than 25 years of experience in the life science business area. He has been instrumental in the incorporation of more than 10 different companies and has past and present experience as an Investment Director, CEO and board member. Eskil has broad experience and can help to analyze, structure and comprehensively communicate complex business ideas.

Avena Partners
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