Aventure is a research-based company in the field of food – nutrition – biotechnology. Our core activity is the development of scientifically verified products and processes for functional foods and adjacent spheres. Our competence stretches all the way from research to finished products.

Our business idea is to develop unique, scientifically validated food/nutrition and biotech concepts (incl. products and patents) with large national and international market potential and to generate stand alone companies with high rated IP.

Our company builds on a high level of in-house competence and our understanding of the needs of the market, combined with close cooperation with a network of qualified resources in some of the world’s leading research institutes in the fields of food and biotechnology. This network gives us access to cutting edge competence within many different areas, and enables us, for example, to conduct clinical studies.

Aventure is geographically located in Lund – the heart of the Öresund Region, one of the world´s most expansive areas for research and business within food/biotech. Lund university, the leading university of Scandinavia, with it´s Chemical Center is only a stones throw away from our office.

Aventure’s patent portfolio today encompasses an impressive number of patented products and processes that are organised in different fully or partial owned companies. Some of these companies are on the verge to launch their products nationally and/or internationally.

We have a proven track record as developers of both nutritious and commercially successful products. Examples of this are the oat-based products internationally marketed by Oatly AB (www.oatly.com), shelf stable, liquid batter marketed by United Pancakes AB (www.united-pancakes.com) as Pancake & Friends, different B2B products based on oats with a result of enzymatic frontline technologies presented by Glucanova AB (www.glucanova.com) and a concept-winning way to develop and distribute the new generation of organic baby food products from Otto Barnmat AB (www.otto.se). Aventure is also involved in a new, nutritious way to produce yoghurt-based smoothies via the company Berries by Astrid AB (www.berriesbyastrid.com).

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