Aviation and Survival Support AS

As a local agency, distributor and stockiest with more than 30 years’ experience Aviation and Survival Support AS offers a highly qualifi ed Aircraft Aftermarket Spare Parts Support and Life Support Services covering Defense and Commercial Air, Land & Sea Survival applications.

Aviation and Survival Support already plays an active role in supplying high tech equipment to the Norwegian Defense Industry through extensive programs for several Air Force and Navy platforms.

By teaming up with the most recognized and market leading manufacturers we will protect your Defense investment, every minute of every mission, providing unparalleled protection and life support, enhancing performance in the most extreme environments.


• Pilot Flight Equipment
Our market leading range of PFE is a fully integrated yet modular clothing system designed to improve pilot performance and operational effectiveness. Our PFE offers low burden, ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions with integrity and quality assurance proven by in-service performance. Made to accommodate a number of mission scenarios our PFE includes fully integrated CBRN solutions for pilots who may be exposed to a NBC threat.

• Aviation Liferafts
Our collection of fully accredited liferafts has accumulated years of valuable in-service experience with a number of the world’s air forces and government agencies. Customers can select from a range of market leading liferafts, including the unique Heliraft, the industry’s number one choice of helicopter specific liferaft, the popular Aerolite, an ultra-light series of fixed-canopy liferafts, Multi-Seater rafts and the special Single Seater Liferaft suited for both fi xed and rotary wing aircraft.

• Aviation Life Preservers
Our ranges of life preservers are manufactured to the highest international standards. Available in Fast Jet, Fixed and Rotary Wing variants we offer a selection of life preservers with a number of defense applications, including pilots and air crew for Fast Jet, fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft. Each life preserver has been designed specifically to optimize user performance and mission readiness. Our specialist ranges of life preservers are currently in service in a large number of the world’s Air Forces, Army and Naval aircraft platforms.

• Immersion Suits & Thermal Protection
We offer an unrivalled Immersion suit and functional underwear portfolio that provides exceptional protection against exposure for all air crew during evacuation and immersion situations over land and sea. Available for Fast Jet, fixed and rotary wing applications, our immersion suits and underwear offer full body protection from hazardous conditions such as fire or extreme cold. Designed to be compatible with a range of existing aircrew clothing, our range of immersion suits and underwear have been adopted by a number of international Air Forces, Navies, Coastguards, and Commercial Marine & Aviation organizations.

• Aircrew Restraint Systems
Aircrew Restraint & Harness Systems are devices developed and designed to prevent highly mobile aircrew from being ejected during a crash event, and to provide fall protection when working near open aircraft
door or hatches.

• Rescue Equipment for SAR Crews
Our portfolio for Helicopter SAR missions includes personnel protective equipment for air crew, as well as personnel rescue equipment such as rescue sling strops and hoist stretchers.

• Parachutist Oxygen Systems:
The Cobham Phantom Mask, Regulator and Jump Bottle system represents the next generation in Parachutist Oxygen Equipment and is a breakthrough in comfort and performance. Designed for “High Altitude Parachute Operations” HALO and HAHO missions, the state-ofthe-art PHANTOM oxygen system is the US DoD system of choice and is universally compatible with legacy systems. Designed to offer unprecedented mission flexibility, the PHANTOM suite of products includes a mask with a high performance mask-mounted regulator, a 3000 psi jump bottle with 410 liters of breathable oxygen, an ultra-high capacity oxygen console that can support pre-breathing for up to 25 users, a dual mode regulator that provides the ability to manually switch from dilution to 100% Oxygen for greater control, and a personal pre-breathe system that offers complete portability where an Oxygen console is not required. The suite also includes an automated test stand for ease of maintenance.


• Air Beam Shelters and Tents
Our range of inflatable air beam shelters and tents are available in a large number of sizes and configurations. Our tents have been tried and tested in the most extreme environment. We offer shelters for a large range of purposes including command & control, accommodation, decontamination and medical treatment. We also offer a range of inflatable CBRN tents for collective protection of people against NBC threats. These tents combine rapid deployment with optimized fabric designed for maximum protection.

• Special Products
This includes a number of special products designed to meet the needs of specialist military users and commercial applications. Examples include inflatable fascines, fast inflation tents, decontamination units,
test dummies, aircraft inflatable escape slides and lifting cushions.

• Hyperlite (Hyperbaric Stretcher)
The SOS Hyperlite is a non-metallic fully portable hyperbaric stretcher and treatment system, that is fully approved and currently in use by several military agencies. Used to administer critical medical treatment from remote locations, the Hyperlite is suitable across a variety of platforms including battlefield medicine, submarine escape and rescue, military diving and high altitude operations. The only system of its kind in the world, the SOS Hyperlite portable stretcher and treatment facility can be used to combat decompression and altitude sickness, arterial gas embolism, carbon monoxide poisoning, blast trauma, blood loss anemia and biological, chemical, and other hazmat exposure.

• Combat Vehicle Restraint System
The Cobham Combat Restraint System is specifically developed to enhance soldier safety during mission accomplishment and crash situations in extreme environments. It uses a rugged military-style buckle
and metal components and offers easy cleaning and maintainability. The two piece breakaway will not snag on gear or present an issue with an occupant’s arm getting caught in the “V” of a typical three-point harness.


• Liferafts and Lifejackets
Our vast range of naval and maritime liferafts & lifejackets ensures we can always fi nd a product to match any of our customers’ requirements. From small transport crafts to large military vessels and naval fleets, we offer an extensive range of off-the shelf products. Alternatively we can partner with our customers to provide tailored solutions where required.

• Boarding Vest
The Boarding Vest is a flotation buoyancy device with optional integrated armour protection designed to meet the protection needs of those on the front line of defence in the Navy, Coastguard and Police. Frequently used by international defence organisations for coastal defence, the Boarding Vest is a unique product, offering the combination of marine survival flotation capabilities coupled with complete
armoured torso protection in one complete product.

• SEIE range
The Survitec SEIE range of products is designed to provide protection for submariners from a stricken submarine. Each item of equipment is designed and manufactured to the very highest technology and standards to ensure maximum comfort and performance. We offer a full range including single skinned suits with integrated liferafts, escape jerkins, fully infl atable abandonment suits, external submarine liferaft systems and freeboard extenders. SEIE products are currently in use by a large number of international Navy’s.


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