Axis-Shield PoC AS

Axis-Shield PoC is member of the Axis-Shield group. Axis-Shield is an innovative healthcare company comprising Laboratory and Point of Care business backed by a strong R&D division.

Axis-Shield PoC's philosophy
We aim to be a driving force in the Point of Care market as a supplier of in-vitro diagnostic products. We are dedicated to develop innovative test systems to the benefits of physicians and patients. Our products are used by physicians to help diagnose conditions or diseases by analysing blood.

Market position
Axis-Shield PoC has more then 40 years experience in development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of in vitro diagnostic products. Collaboration with scientific institutions and companies throughout the world has brought several unique products to the market: Thrombotest™, Lymphoprep™, NycoCard® and the latest edition to the portfolio Afinion™. Axis-Shield has a strong market position with more than 40000 NycoCard® Readers and 5000 Thrombotrack™ instruments placed all over the world. The new and innovative point of care instrument Afinion™ has been placed at more than 10000 customers.

R&D Investments
Compact and easy to operate, Afinion™ is designed to enable on-the-spot testing. The Afinion™ AS100 Analyzer and the first three tests are already on the market. Heavy investments in R&D over the years have made this possible. A number of scientists are currently developing new tests for the Afinion™ AS100 Analyzer such as PT-INR, Lipid Panel and hsCRP.

A number of scientists will continue to develop new tests on Afinion™, and a dedicated Sales and Marketing department support our distributors to obtain success with the Axis-Shield PoC products. Axis-Shield PoC has sales organisations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland through Medinor, and in the United Kingdom through Axis-Shield UK sales. An Axis- Shield PoC US-branch is operational as from April 1, 2005. Axis-Shield AG was established in Jan 2008 In all other markets the products are sold through distributors and licensees. Development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of in-vitro diagnostics products.

Axis-Shield PoC AS
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