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Ayanda Group Norway clean waters

Norway is famous for its deep ords, snow-covered mountains, cold waters – and probably the best seafood in the world. Fisheries and production of cod-liver oil has long standing traditions in northern Norway, and that is why you will nd our head oce in Tromsø – the capital of, and gateway to the Arctic.

Health is a valuable quality of life. When purchasing food supplements and pharmaceuticals, you need more than certied products, qualied brands and renowned suppliers; you need to trust in your product – and your service provider!

Ayanda has always had a strong focus on quality and the necessity of freshness of our consumer-tailored Omega-3 supplements. Driven by our customers, Ayanda continues to be a leading solution provider in the eld of innovative, high quality food supplements and nutraceutical products for the protection of people’s health.

When customers consult us, they know they have chosen a reliable, competent partner. From research and careful selection of raw materials, to the process of manufacturing, declaring and dispatching – we at Ayanda are well aware of our responsibility to you and your customers. Ayanda helps customers in 15 countries in Europe and overseas to bring products that ensure people’s health to the market.

Ayanda Group Omega-3 supplementConCordix® – an innovative patent pending delivery form

Imagine an Omega-3 supplement that is chewable and easy to swallow without water.
Imagine an Omega-3 supplement that tastes good, with no taste of sh or shy repeats. Combine these features and add a closed and protected prodution process, along with packaging solutions that ensure the highest possible quality and freshness of the product throughout its life span.

One simple word: ConCordix® – the solution that exceeds current Omega-3 supplements!

Ayanda Group Norway clean waters

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