Azure Group


Transport speed‘s Azure Starting out in 1976 from the experience acquired since the Group, its customers’ expectations, technological capabilities used in the industry and brings together within the different transport systems. Working culture, modern transportation facilities, technological infrastructure and friendly staff always offers the most suitable solutions for their customers’ expectations.
With high quality and educated workforce, aiming to become an international brand in the industry using high-tech tools and advanced systems Azure Group‘s fundamentals in 1976. Speed ​Transport’ s Hatay / have been taken with the first operations in Iskenderun. In 1982, in Baghdad, in 1992. In 1990 Turkmenistan and Russia in the Moscow office has become a global business.
Sector which has brought many innovations and make a successful appearance as the 2000s, the founder of Speed Transport Gul’s death in 2002 until 2006 with Suresh has stopped all activities. Education in the United States during this period 2.kuşak representative Erkan Gül, after completing his education he returned to Turkey and spend activities all offices of the company within the first 6 months, especially in taking place among the leading names in the sector, the firm opened new offices in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Transport speed‘s experience is a blend of power and Azure Group claiming the heritage of the past and continues to work to get fast and reliable service 24 hours 7 days.
Azure Group, which are the main functions of logistics providers and extending to the end user undertakes the organization of all services. In accordance with the needs of its customers storage, transport, planning reliably many services such as customs clearance, implementation and control is performed by difference Azure Group.


  • Azure Group, the scope of training to contribute to the project “Suresh Rose Education Foundation” first branch was opened in Hatay. Vocational training is given in combination with English and math classes at the center.
  • IRAQ EXPRESS newcomer TIM acquires 24 vehicles with Iraq remains the fastest way to transport.
  • Azure International Carriage Speed ​​in the Group structure, the year 2012 has been the Iraqi Logistics Group members as of.
  • Azure Group, in February 2015 began with weekly 60 vehicles carrying prefabricated.


Vukela Cad. No: 25, 34344 Istanbul, Turkey
+90 (216) 445 93 23