BacSan & PoolSan Scandinavia AS

Disinfection with BacSan containing silver and copper ions


A controlled amount of silver and copper ions kills algae, fungi and bacteria and removes old biofilm from the inside of pipes, heat exchangers and shower set.

A preferable preventive measure against Legionella.

BacSan is approved by the FSA used as preventive treatment agent in drinking water as long as dosing is performed in accordance with the requirements of drinking water clause. (See the FSA’s website and / or the National Public Health Institute of funds approved for the treatment of drinking water on ships and offshore installations, revised January 2012). The BacSan dosing unit can in addition to controlling the dosing of active mineral ingredients also control pH and soften the water to make water more comfortable for the users on board. The use of BacSan will not give any smell or taste to the water.

 BacSan & PoolSan Scandinavia AS

BacSan Dosing Unit

• Simple installation
• Easy to use – (Plug & Play)
• Accurate dosing
• Covers waterflow up to 1400 m3/h
• World-wide service and maintenance by Grundfos

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