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A unique patented and effective solution

Bactiguard1Preventing healthcare associated infections
Bactiguard AB is a Swedish medtech company with a mission of preventing healthcare associated infections, reducing the use of antibiotics and saving lives by developing and supplying infection prevention solutions for the healthcare industry. The company’s patented coating prevents healthcare associated infections (HAI) by reducing bacterial adhesion and growth on medical devices. Bactiguard® coated urinary catheters are market leading in the US and Japan, and in recent years the company has developed its own product portfolio.

The idea behind the Bactiguard® technology originates from a Swedish innovation by the great pioneer Gustaf Dalén. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics 1912 and the innovator behind the successful AGA lighthouse system. He solved the critical task of applying thin layers of metals to glass. The technique was later refined for many types of materials forming the basis for the Bactiguard® coating technology.

The global Challenge
Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) is the third largest cause of death in the western world. In the U.S. and EU over 6 million patients get clinically significant HAI every year leading to more than 150,000 deaths. Furthermore, the overuse of antibiotics results in growing problems with multiresistant bacteria. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), HAI is a steadily increasing global challenge and there is a risk that antimicrobial resistance is so serious that it threatens modern medicine.

Bactiguard2Bactiguard Infection Protection Portfolio
The majority of HAI are caused by medical devices and approximately two thirds of all HAI occur in three main areas of the body; the urinary tract, the respiratory tract and the blood stream. Medical devices cause an overwhelming majority of infections in these areas. The Bactiguard Infection Protection portfolio (BIP) is therefore targeting the reduction of device related infection in following areas:

• Urinary drainage: BIP Foley Catheter
• Respiratory management: BIP Endotracheal Tube
• Vascular access: BIP Central Venous Catheter

A unique patented innovation
By preventing microbial adherence to medical devices the risk for HAI can be dramatically reduced. The Bactiguard® coating has been applied to urinary catheters in the U.S. since 1995 and the clinical experience now extends to more than 130 million catheters used by patients globally. A large number of clinical studies have been conducted, involving more than 100,000 patients. The studies show that the incidence of symptomatic catheter-related urinary tract infections can be reduced by an average of 33 percent when using a Bactiguard® coated Foley catheter. A large study, including more than 27 000 patients, shows a similar reduction of bacteria in the urine and urinary tract infections of 32 percent and indicates a 44 percent reduction of urosepsis. Studies on central venous catheters show that the risk of blood stream infection may be reduced by more than 50% when the Bactiguard® coating is applied.

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