Barkmeijer Stroobos BV


A ship has to be practical, durable and efficient. At sea and in port. Naturally you expect your investment to perform to the highest standards. Just like Barkmeijer Shipyards. For over 160 years we have led the way in shipping. We build sea-going vessels that are customised down to the smallest detail to meet the specific requirements of our international clients. Bulk carriers, dredgers and chemical tankers, for example. But also gas tankers, bitumen tankers, fishing vessels and container ships. Customisation is our specialty, versatility our strength.

Barkmeijer Shipyards – the mastermind behind your custom-made ship. Nothing is impossible until the contrary is proven. This is the vision Barkmeijer Shipyards applies in building ships that excel in terms of technology, efficiency and safety. From the very first design drawings through to the finishing touches of construction we mastermind the development of the ship that you envisage. Smooth lines and practical design where the appearance and layout of the ship are determined by speed, fuel consumption, maintenance, crew and function. Your ideas are our point of departure for the construction of a custom-made ship to set you on course for maximum returns. Barkmeijer Shipyards builds for your success For Barkmeijer Shipyards flexibility has become a standard. That’s how we can guarantee the custom work. To do this we have an expert team that applies state-of-the-art production technologies working to tight deadlines in a covered shipyard. A specialist network of suppliers, quality assurance throughout the processs and more than a century and a half’s experience complete the arsenal we deploy to build for your success.


Barkmeijer Stroobos BV, Hellingstraat 10, 9872 PT Stroobos, The Netherlands
+31 (0)512 35 12 01