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UK-based Barton Firtop Engineering Company Limited, which is continuing to gain significant presence in the North Sea & Scandinavian oil & gas sector, is taking big strides towards becoming Europe’s premiere filter and strainer manufacturer.

Having achieved exports around the globe, the continued expansion of the filter and strainer product range, which includes a large UK based stock holding facility, places Barton Firtop firmly at the forefront of filter and strainer supply.

Barton Firtop’s operations director, Kevin Troughton, said the Midlands-based company, which was already well renowned in the North Sea & Scandinavian oil & gas sector for supplying Conical, Y-Type, Basket and Duplex Strainers, will benefit from ongoing product range promotion of their process equipment which includes cartridge filters, coalescers, filter-separators, vane pack demisters and filter skid packages.

“Barton Firtop has successfully supplied strainers to the oil & gas sector for so many years and has such a large stock holding of these standard products in the UK that we have tended to become synonymous with the strainer product aspect of the business. Whilst this has been a great advantage to help grow this business base, it has somewhat detracted from our ability to design, manufacture and supply more complex process equipment such as cartridge filters (to 1μm), coalescers, filter-separators and demisters, including skid packaging of these items where clients require” said Mr Troughton.

For over 30 years Barton Firtop has designed and supplied process strainers,filters and separation items with cast and fabricated product form housings, compliant with pressure vessel codes where required. Included on Barton Firtop’s impressive client reference lists are Statoil, Norsk-Hydro, AMEC, Nexen, Aker Kvaerner, Phillips Petroleum / Conoco Phillips, Gas Unie, BP, Chevron, Total, Shell, Exxon Mobil & Foster Wheeler to name a few. We have been bulk package suppliers for many projects including Buzzard (BEHP), Troll Onshore, Britannia, ETAPs, Shearwater, Papa Terra, Ketch, Golden Eagle, Ekofisk II, Jotun, & the Laminaria & Corralina Development Projects. Barton Firtop are recognized suppliers to NORSOK specifications and use a range of NORSOK qualified raw material suppliers for grades ranging from standard Carbon Steel, through the material spectrum right up to 6Mo, 22% & 25% Cr Duplex Stainless Steel & Titanium Grade T (MDS-T02).

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