Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd

Bay ZoltanBay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research is Hungary’s leading public institution for research, development and technology transfer.

The Institute of Biotechnology of Bay Zoltán Non-profit Ltd., in short BAY-BIO, is Hungary’s leading research-development institute of biotechnology nowadays, which has earned domestic and international awareness and recognition due to its target-oriented approach and practice.

The main aim of the Biotechnology Institute of Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. is to fulfill its research and development tasks at the highest possible professional level, in line with the represented guidelines of applied research. Our institute set the target of developing cutting-edge technological solutions which can contribute to the establishment and sustainment of a clean and liveable natural environment.

In line with the key objectives of the company, our mission is to implement technology transfer, to realize the economic utilization of research-development achievements, to accomplish and publish adaptable research findings in the area of biotechnology.


Key Competencies of BAY-BIO


Environmental protection
    • Soil and groundwater remediation
    • Degradation of Crude oil and synthetic compounds
    • Modelling subsurface microbial events
    • Sensor technology for biodegradation processes
    • Application of nanocompounds and other chemicals in bioremediation
    • Production and utilisation of surfactants in bioremediation processes
    • Utilisation of contaminated areas – biorefinery
    • Biodegradability tests

Water treatment
    • Drinking water-treatment
    • Communal and industrial waste water treatment
    • Problem of nitrate – denitrification
    • Nitrification
    • Treatment of manure
    • Biofilm – detection and modelling of biofilm attachment
    • Biocorrosion

Biobased energy
    • Alga biotechnology – laboratory and pilot level
    • CO2 capture – using biotechnology
    • Biogen methane production under extreme conditions
    • Carbon sequestration and storage
    • Microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR)
    • Biogas – dry and wet technology
    • Biofilter
    • Fuel gas treatment
    • Microbial fuel cell (MFC)
        i. Chemical and biological background
        ii. Application
           (wastewater treatment, soil remediation, sensor)

Molecular biology
    • Food safety
    • Study of complex microbial systems
        iii. Bioremediation
            1. Non-cultivable microorganisms
            2. Indication of functional enzymes or genes
            3. MTBE degradation
        iv. Water and wastewater
            1. Detection of microorganisms aimed
            2. Characterisation of microbial population changes in water treatment

    • Anaerobic systems
        v. Microbial background of biocorrosion
        vi. Identification and characterisation of anaerobic microbes and populations

Due to our flexible approach and comprehensive professional background established in the area of applied research, we can provide creative, innovative solutions and answers to the biotechnology-related problems arising on our partners’ side. The long-term and targeted strategic co-operations with our current and future partners enable our Institute to improve constantly and to contribute to the sustainable development of our built environment in a significant way.

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