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BDX företagen, mining services, The mining industry is one of the most expansive industries in Sweden and especially in the north. BDX provides since many years specialized services for the mining industry.

BDX performs a variety of projects in the mining industry, with expertise in areas such as mine design, mining methods and equipment underground works and has extensive experience from projects around the world. The machinery and the organization are designed to respond to the requirements of the mining industry places while maintaining high standards for safety and quality of work.


BDX provides contracting services for mining operations

Opencast mining
BDX can offer comprehensive solutions in the form of turnkey solutions for both

– Small tasks such as sample extraction of magnitude in order of 1 to 100,000 tonnes, with high focus on skilled management of materials according to best industry standards including further logistics to beneficiation plant according to customer requirements, and

– Larger contracts such as operating a open pit operation of several million tonnes per year

All that open pit mining operation requires, such as: surface stripping, drilling, blasting, dewatering of old pits, securing final slopes, mine survey and much more – all with high consideration given to environmental aspects and complete compliance with current environmental permit.

Underground mining – tunneling and mining production
To access the ore underground, an extensive amount of work in naturally required. Tasks that BDX can perform in this area include but is not limited to: shaft boring (for ventilation, rock, transport, etc.), tunneling (from smallscale exploration drives to semipermanent haulage levels equipped with different types of rock reinforcement methods), production drilling and loading and transport.

All that an underground operation requires, such as: ventilation, water and electricity supply to and from, mine survey, continuous measurement of quality of work environment – all with high consideration given to environmental aspects and complete compliance with current environmental permit.

BDX has a fleet of drilling rigs, loaders, trucks and trailers, well-suited for the mining industry needs and circumstances – whether it concerns underground mining or open pit mining.

BDX machines used in underground mining are of course approved for underground use.

Mobile crushers and associated classification facilities can be provided according to customer needs.

Why hire BDX for construction services for the mining?
With a well-developed working team, including inhouse resources for the entire chain from mine planning for vehicles and support staff, we can effectively and with high quality take overall responsibility for larger, complex projects as well with the flexibility BDX possess, for minor projects.

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