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HSE/Q, productivity and consistency

For more than 40 years Beerenberg has made oil and gas production possible in inhospitable environments by delivering intelligent and innovative service solutions. Our expertise covers the entire life cycle of the petroleum industry from field studies and newbuilds to maintenance, modifications and lifetime extensions.

Beerenberg is a leading supplier of maintenance and modifications services. More than 1100 Beerenbergers are working as problem solvers for the company’s clients both in Norway and abroad. The company sees it as its duty to challenge conventional thinking in the industry through innovation and creative solutions – always focusing on improved HSE/Q, productivity and consistency. Alongside the ISS disciplines (insulation, scaffolding and surface treatment), the division also covers passive fire protection, technical cleaning, rope access techniques, architectural/outfitting services and the cold work concepts Sveisolat (habitats) and cold cutting / mobile machining.

Beerenberg key business areas have been divided into three segments: – Maintenance, Modifications and Operation

– Major Projects – Added Services

The three key areas are designed to meet future demand

on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. As well as direct maintenance contracts on installations and plants in operation, Beerenberg is also involved in business concepts aimed at modification projects and newbuilds in the oil and gas sector.

As a supplement to the traditional ISS disciplines, Beerenberg also delivers a range of technology-driven additional services whose innovative approach helps to ensure effective, consistent and HSE/Q-friendly operation.

Beerenberg’s engineering services are an integrated part of the company’s overall service concept. The company has extensive experience with studies, FEED, pre-engineering, fabrication engineering and as-built from a number of developments and installations in Norway and abroad. The company’s expertise includes design, specifications and, modelling, technical drawing, working documents, documentation, plans and methods, inspections and other field engineering, and as-built.



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