Bellman & Symfon AB

Bellman & Symfon of Sweden is dedicated to improve the quality of life for people with hearing problems. We realize this dedication through continuous development of new and outstanding hearing solutions.

Our people and partners are devoted to this mission and we work closely with hearing healthcare professionals and audiology experts to protect the hearing and make better hearing possible for everyone.

The Bellman & Symfon product portfolio ranges from assistive listening products to complete home notifi cation systems, and are world renown for their clean Scandinavian design, high reliability and ease-of-use.
Assistive listening products
Our assistive listening products complement the hearing aids in noisy environments where they enhance speech further. They are fully digital and work right out of the box.
Alerting systems
The Visit system consists of a broad-ranging suit of wireless transmitters and receivers that fully integrates to work as one. Packed with unique features, it is the world leading system today.
Stand-alone products
These are easy-to-use, entry level alerting products that help people with hearing loss to notice signals in their homes, like for instance the doorbell or telephone.
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