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 Geology of Sweden Beowulf Mining Project Areas 2012

a mineral exploration and development company


Beowulf Mining (Beowulf) is a mineral exploration and development company with a portfolio of copper, gold, uranium, molybdenum and iron ore projects in Northern Sweden. Currently it is concentrating on its iron ore project, Kallak, where the company has completed an upgraded independent JORC Code resource (Joint Ore Resources Committee).

Beowulf’s properties are located in the county of Norrbotten in northern Sweden close to the Arctic Circle. The region has a long history of mining and steel production, which, along with a large timber and paper/pulp industry, has led to the development of excellent regional infrastructure with good roads, railways, seaports and utilities and an experienced work force. Sweden as a whole is attractive to mining operators, offering not only a strong, stable economy and low political risk, but also a long mining history and the necessary skills and infrastructure to support it. Corporation taxes are low and miners are not required to pay mineral royalties, although the environmental legislative requirements are some of the most stringent in Europe.

Ruoutevare and Kallak, the two principle properties, are located 85km apart and, whilst remote, are relatively close to the main road between Jokkmokk and Kvikkjokk. The region plays host to several economically important iron ore deposits, in particular the Kiruna and Malmberget magnetite-apatite deposits, both currently being mined by LKAB.

Europe’s largest copper deposit currently in production is only 130 km from Ruoutevare at Aitik. The map below shows several of the main mining projects in the area.

All iron ore properties, including the Kallak and Rouotevare deposits has been transfered to the wholly owned subsidiary, Jokkmokk Iron Mines AB, based i Jokkmokk, Sweden.

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