Berggren AS


Healthy and trendy: The customers
choose Salmon burgers from Berggren
because of its fine taste and the
naturally high omega3 content. 

Berggren AS process seafood products for retail market and HO-RE-CA market in Norway,and have started some export to countries in Europe. 

A varied product range
The product range from Berggren includes fish cakes, fish burgers, paté, fish terrine and fish balls. The Seafood range ‘Sjarken’ is a mixture of traditional Norwegian food with a contemporary style. Berggren delivers efficient bulk packs to larger HO-RE-CA market either as fresh or frozen. The new Berggren products on the export market are all developed in very close cooperation with our international customers and our development department. It is for us of greatest concern to pursue our customers ideas to successfully products developed for specific markets.

Sustainability and traceability
Berggren sources their fish from sustainable fish stocks and authorised fisheries in Norway, the Faeroe Islands and USA. The salmon, which we use in our burgers, are wild Alaskan salmon. The Berggren system for food safety is systematic and all encompassing. The system will identify and trace all raw materials and all packaging from receipt, through processing and distribution.

A healthy eating trend
The consumers are even more aware that fish and other seafood makes for a healthier food alternative. This again influences their purchasing habits. Berggren safeguards the healthy properties of the fish. One 100 g salmon burger for example will be sufficient to cover the daily recommended intake of omega3. Berggren’s salmon and herring products are a rich source of vitamin D, which helps to prevent osteoporosis and some forms of cancer. We have also focus on low salt requirements and have met demands of very low contain of salt without losing the attractive flavour.

Award winning taste
Every second year Norway hosts a championship for fish food products in order to find the best taste and quality. The competitors are of a very high standard and winning is a matter of great prestige in the seafood country of Norway. Berggren is always in the top level, and in 2008 was awarded two gold medals. One for the Sjarken wolffish burger, and one for fish cakes. The secret is in the raw material. Berggren fish are cleaned, minced and flash-frozen aboard the fishing vessel. You can’t get it fresher and freshness is all-important for taste and quality.

A family firm rich steeped in tradition
Berggren is a well-established family firm located in Kongsvinger near Oslo. The company had its beginning in 1924 and at present is run by a third generation Berggren. The factory is one of the largest and most efficient in Norway and will expand further during 2009.

Berggren AS
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