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In a world where cardiovascular  and renal diseasses  make a 51% of mortality  we want to be  response.

Bio-inRen was founded in 2009 as a medical biotechnology spin-off of the University of Salamanca (Spain) dedicated to promoting health in the community.

Bio-inRen develops pioneering and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic applications in the field of renal diseases and hypertension. This scientific approach proposes the transformation of advanced academic knowledge into revolutionary theranostic products to improve the prevention and personalized clinical management of these highly prevalent diseases that have significant sanitary and socio-economical impact.

To reach these objectives, Bio-inRen works every day to build a corporate culture based on innovation, professionalism and multidisciplinary team work.

Bio-inRen’s innovative technology platform and 35 years of academic experience also allows the company to offer a wide array of customized quality services to other companies.

Quality work, a personalized approach, a good cost-efficiency ratio and an optimal timeline are constant reference points for Bio-inRen where the final goal is to achieve the best benefits for our clients.

Bio-inRen has three business lines. The first two are aimed at improving clinical management, as well as the quality of life and life expectancy of patients suffering from renal disease and hypertension. These patients constitute a significant social-economic burden for the public health system. The third business line focuses on offering services to other companies.

Bio-inren diagnostics: The development of worldwide innovative diagnostic systems based on revolutionary theranostic concepts for improving the quality of renal disease and hypertension management.

Bio-inRen Therapeutics: The discovery and development of conceptually innovative drugs and reprofiling of other existing drugs for the treatment and prevention of renal disease and hypertension.

Bio-inren partnership: Contractual R+D+i and technical scientific consulting services targeted towards the Biopharmaceutical and Agroalimentary industries

Theranostics: Pioneering systems for a new concept regarding preventive and personalized clinical management of renal diseases and hypertension based on revolutionary urinary markers that indicate the oncoming disease.

Urine is the biological sample of the future for preventive monitoring of human health on a large scale. It is one of the few easily obtained samples that permit the development of health and disease monitoring systems for use in health centres and at homes


Preclinical and clinical experimental studies that use Bio-inRen’s technology and platform technology (described in the following section), as well as the technology from consortiums established with other companies within complementary technology sectors.

For biopharmaceutical companies, Bio-inRen offers specialized services within our niche of expertise including renal disease and hypertension to perform in-depth studies related to:

• Preclinical pharmacology, toxicology and physiopathology at all experimental levels: animal models, isolated organ studies, cellular and molecular biology.
• Specific clinical studies carried out within our network of contacts including national and international hospitals as well as private and public foundations.

For agroalimentary companies, Bio-inRen offers access to new functional alimentary markets, nutraceutical markets and alimentary supplement markets by identifying biomedical properties of products, sub-products and sector extracts or additional properties that lead to the development of new applications.

Scientific-Technical Consulting Services

• Scientific evaluation of projects

• Identification of applications

• Funding application consulting

• Assimilation of knowledge and research results

• Identification of opportunities

• Search for partners and service providers

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