– Molecular separation technologies for Life sciences,
Food & beverage and Cleantech

The Company was founded in 2006  and is engaged in the R&D, manufacture and supply of innovative, leading edge products used to separate proteins or other molecules. Bio-Works is staffed by people rich in experience in the Swedish biotech industry and specially with separation media. Research, development and production facilities are located in Business Park Uppsala. Company is working according to quality management system processes based on standards of ISO 9001:2008.

Using licensed and proprietary intellectual property, Bio-Works produces agarose-based products with exceptional performance for Life science research & production, Food & Beverage production and Cleantech (water).

–     Company catalog include products for separation of proteins and other molecules.
–     The agarose beads are available in different bead sizes and designed for uses at analytical research level and large industrial scale separations.
–     New range of ready-to-use columns designed for quick, easy and convenient purification was launched  March 2015.


Virdings allé 18, SE-754 50 Uppsala Sweden
+46 8 5626 7430