BioConnection is a privately owned contract services and manufacturing organization based in Oss, The Netherlands. We specialize in services pertinent to development and manufacture of injectable (bio)pharmaceutical products.

BioConnection was founded in 2005 through Dutch government initiatives. We started as a small team without a facility, providing development and manufacturing services. Since then we’ve grown to a mid size service provider with own state of the art facility, a healthy revenue generation and global customer base. Our customers are mainly small and mid-size biotech and pharma companies worldwide, both clinical and commercial. Our state of the art facility is based in Oss, the Netherlands. The facility is EMA and FDA approved and provides clinical trial material and commercial product supply in both vials (liquid and free-dried) and syringes. Our team has on average 20+ years of experience in fill and finish activities. The facility and the team have an excellent track record of 10+ years of GMP operation and manufacturing.

In addition to our own facility, we work with a number of trusted partners who are experts in their field. Our service portfolio includes: Freeze-dry cycle development, formulation development, analytical development and validation, drug product stability study, filling of complex formulations (e.g. microspheres, nanoparticles, liposomes); clinical trial material services (e.g. labelling, packaging, storage and distribution); QP batch release. In this way we can provide tailor made solutions to our customers. In addition, BioConnection provides comprehensive and dedicated Program Management covering all aspects of Drug Product Manufacturing. Finally, we can provide consultancy services to our customers.

We have experience in working with various products, ranging from small molecules to biopharmaceuticals and complex formulations. We have the means and expertise to bring your invention from the lab bench through the clinic and to the market. Due to our unique business model with best-in-class service providers we are able to provide you with tailor made solutions with unmatched flexibility. Our approach based on overall program management ensures a seamless development and manufacturing supply chain for your product. We bring value to our customers through our expertise, dedication and flexibility.

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Life Sciences Park Oss, Molenweg 50, 5349 AC Oss
+31 (0) 412 637 937