Biofarma Logistik A/S

Biofarma Logistik supplies solutions based on more than 50 years of experience with logistics and service. Investments in new technology over the years, has given us a possibility for offering customers a flexible and future- proof product. Biofarma Logistik offers expertise within logistics, especially within the product categories of nursing requisites, medicine, health products, care products and nutritional products. We always seek the optimum solution. As we are paid with a share of our partner’s net turnover, we have a common success goal. We consider this to be a great strength in the partnership.


You can release internal resources by outsourcing all or sub- elements of your logistics to Biofarma Logistik. Stock control, processing and distribution are often resource- consuming tasks. By entering into a division of work with Biofarma Logistik, you can concentrate your resources on sales and marketing, while we ensure that, agreements on deliveries, prices and discounts are complied with. The way is thereby open for greater earnings.

With Biofarma Logistik as a partner, you can change your logistics expenditures into a variable cost. On the basis of an initial analysis of the consumption of resources, within certain defined limits, we take a handling commission. The handling commission is a percentage in relation to the company’s net turnover.¨Only carriage costs are collected on top of the handling commission. It is thus easy to budget and implement control.

With Biofarma Logistik as a logistics partner, a flexible and customised solution is established which is the direct path to increased competitiveness. In dialogue with suppliers, vendors and producers, we constantly develop new solution variants. Your new marketing measures require a flexible and effective basis, which supports your activities. With Biofarma Logistik as a logistics partner, you have created the basis for fast and effective reorganisation and growth. We give you more freedom of action.

In Biofarma Logistik’s concept, data is exchanged and reused to the greatest possible extent via data transfers. Suppliers and sales consultants receive up-to-date information on sales, stock, backorders, etc., from our constantly updated product and customer database. The relevant information is used for targeted sales inputs and production management. If you wish to receive the customer orders yourself, you can use our administrative system via a link. We are responsible for receiving orders and invoicing, as well as maintaining the customer database. We also attend to automatic administration of price and discount agreements. Biofarma Logistik’s concept can release further resources by taking over your company’s debtor management. Biofarma Logistik thus assumes debtor management, including invoicing, compliance with the credit line, collection and dispatch of reminders. We also attend to distribution of product samples and replacement in the event of complaints. You can safely hand over the servicing of your customers to us.

Biofarma Logistik stores the products in protected environments, which fulfil the requirements of Lægemiddelstyrelsen [Danish Medical Products Agency] and Levnedsmiddelkontrollen [Danish National Food Agency]. We are §39 and §2 approved by Lægemiddelstyrelsen. There is a facility for storage in refrigerated storage at 2-8°C degrees, freeze storage, duty-free storage and product insurance. Using our structured product database, in co-operation with the producers it is possible to exercise optimum stock control. As well as managing the warehouse in Glostrup, we have extensive experience in managing consignment stock on the premises of our partner customers.

2600 Glostrup, Naverland 22, Denmark
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