BioLingus is a Swiss biotech company spearheading the development of oral (sublingual) and mucosal delivery of peptides and proteins for chronic diseases and immune-therapies. It is a cutting-edge and mature solution for oral formulations, not only for peptides, but also small molecules, novel protein scaffolds, nucleotides, domain antibodies, vaccines, immunotherapies etc.

Our company focuses the development of our own products on:

– treatment of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and inflammatory diseases, and
immune-therapies, for instance in cancer and auto-immune diseases.

In terms of diabetes, our lead molecule is an oral “biobetter” of exenatide (GLP-1) in type II diabetes. We are also exploring the use of low dose IL-2 for early onset juvenile type I diabetes. Low dose IL-2 in animal models has shown to balance Treg and Teff immune cells to reverse or prevent type I diabetes.  Especially in children, having an oral therapy will make a difference.

Our platform can also improve peptide and protein products by developing new indications (eg. more “mild” indications versus the injectable form) especially for chronic conditions.

A second area of interest is mucotal immuno-therapy, as sublingual administration allows for initiating the immune cascade in the buccal area and allows for targeting the lymphatic system directly.

We have some good data with IL-2 immunotherapy in RA, allergy treatment and specific cancer indications.
Sublingual administration can increase efficacy and/or reduce side-effects as compared to administration by injection. Therefore we are interested to develop other mucosal immunotherapies, as for instance anti-IL23 in RA or psoriasis or specific allergy treatments.

This technology platform is the result of more than a decade of research and development on different types of molecules, in particular cytokines (such as interferon, interleukins and EPO).  At the basis is a micro-encapsulation technology, which has been modified and optimized for proteins (figure below).


This has resulted in a unique and stable formulation, unique robust and scalable process and unique innovative engineering of the granulator. Through optimizing those 3 factors together, the right conditions for protein stabilization in a tablet have been found (deep know how). The result is a very unique and proprietary technology, which – from a process point of view – is a hybrid between spray-coating and spray-chilling.


BioLingus has been selected as the winner of the 2016 AWARD in the category “MOST INNOVATIVE BIOTECH COMPANY” by the European CEO Magazine.

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