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biontechInnovative Medicines as Unique as You

Since foundation of BioNTech AG in 2008, the BioNTech Group has become one of the fastest growing biotechnology companies in Europe in the last years. Driving our growth is the development of fundamentally novel and cutting edge approaches to personalized medicine for treatment of diseases with high medical need.

Based on profound scientific concepts, novel disease specific targets and disruptive technology platforms we are developing innovative medicines and life changing solutions.  BioNTech is committed to serve individual medical need by truly personalized therapies. It is our aim to offer each patient a targeted therapy that is highly effective and well-tolerated – innovative medicines as unique as you!

In oncology we focus on targeted immunotherapies to activate the patient’s own immune system against the disease and diagnostics for the early detection, diagnosis and therapy-guiding of cancer treatments.

The next generation biopharmaceutical company

Our mission is to make a difference in diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases using the latest technologies and breakthrough platforms.

Despite enormous investment into drug development there is huge medical need in various diseases. We are committed to serve medical need by personalized approaches. We believe that only by true innovation unmet medical need can be effectively addressed. We aim to translate revolutionary ideas, novel targets, disruptive technologies and integrative system-relevant solutions into clinical practice.

BioNTech was founded in 2008 as spin-off of the Johannes Gutenberg-University with the vision to establish a next generation biopharmaceutical company addressing individual medical need.  BioNTech is a holding company and via its subsidiaries unifies synergistic technologies and product platforms under a strategic umbrella.
BioNTech’s therapeutic approaches are driven by its world leading expertise in mRNA therapeutics, T-cell receptor and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) technologies for use as cellular therapies and a nanoparticles platform delivering novel cancer vaccines.

We develop biopharmaceutical products addressing large patient populations in cancer, as well as therapies which are individually tailored, highly effective and well-tolerated for various diseases with severe unmet medical need. Our mRNA therapeutic platform has entered clinical trials against melanoma. Additional clinical trials against breast cancer and other solid tumor entities are about to start.

BioNTech’s diagnostic pipeline includes a portfolio of breast cancer diagnostics, suited for the reliable and robust stratification of breast cancer patients. In addition, BioNTech has developed a novel lung cancer screen, allowing detection of early stage tumors in high risk populations. These novel diagnostic tools are expected to have a high impact on the outcome of current cancer treatment and associated survival rates of cancer patients.

Our innovations are strongly rooted in sound science and clinical practice. BioNTech’s innovations have been developed over the past 20 years originating from strong scientific and clinical roots of its founders Ugur Sahin, Christoph Huber and Özlem Türeci, chair of the scientific advisory board.  

BioNTech has a strong intellectual property position related to its technologies and has built a portfolio of over 350 proprietary disease targets.

As an integrated biopharmaceutical company, BioNTech has built the whole value chain from basic research, novel targets, technology innovation, drug design, lead structure development and optimization, GMP manufacture and clinical testing, executed by a team of more than 250 skilled experts to rapidly bring products from discovery research into clinical stage.

We strongly believe that innovation is nourished by an environment allowing everyone to share their ideas and opinions. We provide a productive environment, in which creative and passionate people from diverse backgrounds and complementary skills work together as trans-disciplinary teams to provide straightforward solutions to challenges of high complexity.
We combine the strengths of cutting-edge science and sound industrial development. For this we proactively network with scientist leading in their fields as well as strong industrial partners. We place value on long-term relationships characterized by mutual respect, loyalty and high productivity.

Partnering with BioNTech AG

BioNTech is interested in building innovation-driven, long lasting relationships with pharmaceutical companies by partnering selected ongoing clinical programs in oncology. BioNTech is also interested in collaborating with pharmaceutical companies in the research and preclinical stage of pharmaceutical development, using its extensive intellectual property and know-how in mRNA, T-cell receptor and nanoparticle-based drug development to co-develop novel therapies in oncology and in a wide range of other therapeutic fields.  

BioNTech Diagnostics GmbH is actively seeking partnerships to globally commercialize its product development pipeline, including a portfolio of breast cancer diagnostics and its unique lung cancer screening test.

To learn more about partnering, collaboration opportunities, or for any scientific inquiries about our technologies, please contact:

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