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Biorigin Scandinavia AS was established in 2008 when the Brazilian company Biorigin bought Norwegian company Immunocorp Animal Health. Biorigin was created in 2003 as a business unit of the sugar producer Zilor and now extends to the USA and across Europe. Zilor and Biorigin are both passionate about transforming agriculture by using natural resources in a sustainable manner.

Company Strategy
Farmed animals are presented daily with stressors such as high stock density, environmental changes, handling and pathogenic challenges. These stressors have consequences for animals’ performance, immune system, overall health status and growth. Biorigin Scandinavia AS provides a range of natural and environmentally friendly feed materials that enhance the immune system, act as mycotoxin binders, agglutinate bacteria, add nutrition and enhance flavour. An improved health status leads to other benefits such as better protection against pathogens and parasites, improved nutrient uptake, better growth and survival. Leading brand MacroGard® has been used worldwide for more than 20 years in feed for swine, poultry, cattle, pets and the aquaculture of fish and shellfish.

MacroGard® and Beta-Glucan Action
MacroGard® is derived from beta-1,3/1,6-glucan, a cell wall component of baker’s yeast. Beta glucans are totally harmless, yet recognised by organisms as a pathogen. Consequently, various white blood cells of the innate immune system become more active, enabling them to effectively and efficiently evade pathogens.

The innate immune system is ancient and has been highly conserved throughout evolution. This explains how the effects of MacroGard® can be seen throughout the animal kingdom. Biorigin uses advanced biotechnology to ensure the purity and activity of its beta-glucan products.

MacroGard® has been and is continuously studied within the laboratory and within the field. The wide-ranging effects are well documented and published. Biorigin Scandinavia AS has a particular interest in the aquaculture of Atlantic salmon, carrying out research and collaborating with other institutions to investigate the applicability of MacroGard® on Norwegian salmon farms.

Biorigin Scandinavia AS is also one of 9 partners (3 industrial and 6 academic) across Europe that are part of the NEMO project. NEMO is a four year project with an investment of NOK 24 million (€3 million) funded by the EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network under Framework 7. 16 students (Masters, PhD and Post Doctorate) across Europe are researching various aspects of the actions and application of MacroGard® in fish species. The NEMO network will be greatly involved in this year’s European Association of Fish Pathologists meeting in Split, Croatia in September, presenting work and conducting workshops. Biorigin Scandinavia AS will also be sponsoring the event.

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