BioTalentum Ltd.

BioTalentum Ltd (BIOT) is a research intensive SME established in 2005, working mostly on stem cell research and services, with a branch on EU FP7 & HORIZON2020 project management and trainings. Scientific focus of BIOT is on medical and animal biotechnologies, especially on stem cell research (human, mouse, rabbit induced pluripotent stem cells, embryonic stem cells and cancer stem cells). The company’s mission is research and development of novel human cellular systems and animal models for biomedical research and drug testing, and to provide technical services for research teams and pharmaceutical industry.

BioTalentum Ltd. ( is a world-class leading technology provider in Central Europe. We provide solutions to researchers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, clinical, and academic sectors worldwide, including:
    − stem cell models,
    − transgenic cellular models and
    − transgenic animal models.

BioTalentum Ltd. provides the following scientific services for its partners:

Wide Range of Pluripotent Stem Cell-Based Technologies
    − Generation of human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines from patient samples
    − Directed differentiation of stem cells into neuronal, cardiac and cartilage cells for drug testing and research
    − Human stem-cell based regenerative medicine pre-clinical tests in rodent models
    − Production of pluripotent cell lines (ES, iPS) from laboratory animals (mouse, rabbit) with novel technologies
    − Production of transgenic and gene-targeted reporter cell lines (knock-out, knock-in)
    − Cell-based assays for small molecule screening (drug, discovery, toxicity)
    − Marker analysis of cell lines
    − Cancer stem cell lines

State-Of-The-Art Molecular Biology Services
    − Targeting Construct Design: gene knock-outs, transgenic vectors
    − TALEN technology
    − Genotyping assays and screening
    − Validation by gene & protein expression analysis
    − Automated robotic high-throughput Real-Time PCR platform
    − Bioinformatics

Full Transgenic and Knock-Out Mouse Generation Services with State-Of-The-Art Cryopreservation Technologies in SPF Conditions
    − Generation of transgenic mice (including TALEN method)
    − Generation of mice from targeted Embryonic Stem (ES) cells including C57Bl/6 genetic background
    − Cryopreservation and long-term storage
    − Recovery & rederivation of pathogen-free mouse strains
    − Tagging, tailing, genotyping
    − Superior colony management in a specific pathogen free (SPF) environment
    − Production of preimplantation embryos
    − Mouse embryo toxicity tests

Our expertise, tools and technologies support the work of academic and pharmaceutical partners to advance stem cell and regenerative medicine-based research and drug discovery in order to bring new and better medicines to the market.

The company is very active in European research, as BIOT was full research partner in four EU FP6 projects: MEDRAT, CLONET, ARTEMIS, AGLAEA and in seventeen EU FP7 projects, i.e.: NAD, RESOLVE, PluriSys, PartnErS, InduStem, InduHeart, InduVir, RabPStem, PepStem, STEMCAM, IDPbyNMR, EpiHealth, EpiHealthNet, ANISTEM, StemMad, DBoard, Xenoislet. In 9 of these, BioTalentum was the scientific coordinator of the project. These projects provide an intensive interaction with ERA teams from both academia and industry.

Based on the experiences gained in coordination and participation of EU FP6 & FP7 we have established BIOTALENTUM CONSULTING ( in 2013, the H2020 project consulting branch of BioTalentum Ltd. The aim of this new branch is to support our clients through the entire project cycle, from partner search to the successful closure of the project, and even beyond – to the commercialization of the project results. We offer professional advisory services during partner search, support in proposal writing, periodic reporting, staff trainings and real time helpdesk facility during the execution of the project. Our trainings are led by the best professionals in project management and other related fields (e.g. finance, marketing), with many years of experience in the EU FP regime.

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BioTalentum Ltd.