Biotech-IgG AB

– Biotech-IgG is a supplier of cutting-edge quality products for health care diagnostics and for research, routine and process scale applications for the LifeScience and food markets

Biotech-IgG Group is a supplier of a wide range of immune diagnostics and life science products, eg for hospitals to detect disease as well as products for research, routine and process applications for the food and biotechnology industries.

Biotech-IgG is also a provider of equipment and applications for the measuring of target substances in microorganism culture within the bioprocess and food industry.


Through its own sales activities in Sweden and Denmark, Biotech-IgG aims at becoming the leader within its areas of activity. Other markets will primarily be developed through distribution partners and acquisitions.


Biotech-IgG’s policy for Research and Development has focused on an active patent strategy since 1996, in order to protect potential products developed by the company. Biotech-IgG performs own development of products or, if technically and economically favourable, together with partners.

Laboratory analysis

The first analysis systems in the SIRE® Bio Laboratory Systems series measure glucose and L-lactate. The series may be further developed to include analysis systems for other analytes such as vitamin C, glutamine, glutamate sucrose, maltose, ethanol and methanol. There is also the potential to develop a great number of other analytes.

Analysis of antibodies for industrial applications

Based on the input provided by the close contact of the Sales organisation with the market, Biotech-IgG has chosen to focus on protein analysis with the development of new products for the measurement of antibodies (immunoglobulins).

Thanks to Biotech-IgG’s wide network of industrial and scientific contacts, we can foresee a positive development in the Group’s customer base as well as in its R&D projects. The Biotech-IgG Group will furthermore be considering new suppliers with a view to expanding its product range, the better to meet the market’s needs.

A complete product range for bioprocess applications

The above-mentioned products (currently under development) and the external product range offered by the Biotech-IgG Group together constitute a complete range of products aimed at customers who produce, develop or analyse proteins (like antibodies).


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