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Entirely focused on analytical applications of the firefly luciferase reaction
Our technology
The energy currency in all living cells is known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Using ATP technology our customers are able to rapidly measure the amount of cells from a single bacterial cell and upwards. Among our unique products are: 1) The specific measurement of bacteria on surfaces after degrading non-bacterial ATP. 2) The certified liquid-stable ATP standard for calibration of each individual test allowing results to be expressed in moles of ATP rather than relative light units thereby eliminating analytical interference from the sample matrix or from temperature variations. 3) D-Luciferin showing the highest activity among preparations from 8 manufacturers. This D-luciferin can be used e.g. for reagent manufacturing or in vivo imaging.



• Rapid cell counting
• Cell proliferation and cytotoxicity
• Assays of enzymes and metabolites
• Reporter gene expression and in vivo imaging
• Hygiene monitoring in food industry and hospitals
• Drug discovery HTS
• Immunoassays
• Research institutes
• Clinical diagnostics
• Biotech industry
• Food & beverage industries
• Water industries
• Cleaning industry
• Pharmaceutical industries


Customer focus and international sales
Our extensive R&D efforts in dialogue with our customers enable us to launch a constant stream of innovative products in novel application areas to meet new requirements. We also have a successful OEM business cooperating with partners in various fields. Around 90% of our sales are exported and we supply our products to all the major international markets through direct sales or via our network of distributors.

Continued investment in state of the art production facilities ensures the high quality and reliability that BioThema is well known for. Batch to batch variation is very low, and each batch of reagents can be traced via quality assurance records. Whatever your requirements, whether direct sales to customers or business to business enterprises, BioThema AB is the company of choice in our selected application areas.


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