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Black Box Network Services is the world’s largest independent provider of communications, infrastructure and product solutions. Black Box delivers exciting and modern communication solutions to the military, the police force, airports, as well as the seismic-, energy- and oil industry. High competence, reliable products and free professional services around the world have made them the industry leader.

Experience and customer base produces high competence
Black Box customers benefit from an extensive knowledgebase built on past and present installations and technology. As a market leader in equipment and solutions for collaboration, along with the fact that Black Box delivers to a multitude of industries, provides the customer with cross-industry knowhow of high value. Based on a solid foundation of experience Black Box adapts the solutions to customer specific use and specifications, and ensures that the customer’s communication and infrastructure solutions are of top quality.

Comprehensive quality package
When operating a collaboration center customers are dependent on equipment of the best quality to be in operation 24/7/365. In addition to supplying first class collaboration solutions Black Box offers extension packages where IT and AV needs are integrated with ”Keyboard, Video, Mouse” solutions. KVM solutions are important to be able serve and monitor multiple systems simultaneously as well as making it easy to duplicate sources to the big screen, both on- and offshore operations.

Safe and easy to use
The oil and gas industry has long focused on video, but recently discovered many advantages by having one system that integrates several services. By establishing a technical room and transmitting the signal via copper or fiber, it reduces both noise and heat. It also ensures that all solutions stay “non-intrusive” which means that it will not be installed other equipment on the various sources.

Free, global professional services – 24/7/365
Black Box has 200 offices in 150 countries, and deliver the same products everywhere. This enables them to provide support to customers immediately if problems occur, regardless of where on the globe the customer is located. With 2500 technicians worldwide Black Box can help as easily in Brazil, Chile and Singapore as in Norway. Others would expect payment for such services, but for Black Box customers it is included.

With a wide range of products and solutions, Black Box is your one-stop-shop to your end-to-end complete solution. Black Box will provide the advice you need, the industry-leading technology you want, and support you can count on.

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