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BMO1Enable data driven improvements

BMO Offshore delivers operational intelligence for the maritime industry. Many organisations have a large set of financial information, but lack operational data – which is where you have the largest potential for improving the bottom-line.
BMO has a proven track record of experience, gained from measurements on dozens of vessels among different wind parks in the major markets of northern Europe. We have a strong understanding of the Offshore Wind Industry and can say that “One fact is worth more than a 1000 opinions.“

BMO’s solution is an integrated data management package tailored to key decision makers.


BMO2We are specialized in:

  1. Collecting data on board the vessel
    • We have our own hardware (the vesselblackbox) to take measurements.
  2. Combining data from various sources
    • Connecting with other available data sources providing the essential background to interpret the vessel data (such as meteorological data).
  3. Analysing data
    • Converting data into useful information.
  4. Visualizing these insights
    • Reporting insights to our clients in such a way an organisation can easily interpret the information and improve operations. Delivery is key:
      • Real time – BMO Info display on-board the vessel
      • Daily – E-mail notifications
      • Monthly – Reporting in pdf-format and
        web based in our operations-viewer
      • On demand – Web based in our
      • Bespoke – Consultancy

With the right information an organisation can reduce operational costs, enhance efficiency and improve crew performance management processes.

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