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Offering Offshore Support
Boa OffshoreWith a history of providing offshore services dating back over 30 years, BOA Offshore AS is part of the family-run BOA Group. The company since its establishment in 1975, has had a presence in a number of maritime sectors across the world. Headquartered in Trondheim, Norway and has its fleet and employees dotted across the world’s oceans offering a wide range of services.

BOA Offshore AS is part of the “BOA Group”; a cluster of subsidiary companies that all offer different services, and have spread the BOA name from Scandinavia to the States, courtesy of BOA Marine Services Inc. The Houston based branch was set up to complement the Group’s existing vessel operations through subsea installation and offshore construction services by providing engineering, construction and contracting services related to fixed and floating offshore platforms and subsea field developments.

Marine Services
Today the company’s most profitable market area is offshore support vessels. In order to capitalise on this, the company recently decided to streamline the services the company offers and ultimately, reduce the diversity of its fleet; an action that was taken by the company in an attempt to focus the lion’s share of its work on providing services to the offshore energy industries. Today we have three core business areas, these three areas are tugs, barges and offshore support vessels.

Boa OffshoreMeet the Fleet
The BOA boasts 19 barges, eight tugs, two offshore construction vessels (OCV’s) and two SBL vessels on its books. The OCV’s, which were built in 2004 and 2007 have been chartered to with great success to all the oil majors since being added to the BOA fleet. BOA’s two SBL vessels are the world’s first custom built vessels for seabed logging operations to detect hydrocarbons beneath the seabed and since they were delivered in 2008 and 2009, have been chartered to EMGS for seabed surveying worldwide.

The tugs that the company own operate mainly along the Norwegian coastline and Norh Sea, offering harbour assistance, towage and rig move assistance.

With regards to the barges, major offshore contractors such as Saipem, Technip and Subsea 7 are important customers for BOA. We have a good reputation for all these years of being in the market and this gives us the upper hand in winning contracts. We offer good quality, good services and this at competitive prices. We are also capable of giving added value to the customer by the numerous of services We provide compare to our competitors.

Our inhouse Engineering Department has long and wide experience from marine operations, transport engineering, vessel designs and project management. The department can provide services like; stability calculations – ballast procedures (load-out/load-in), motion response analysis, wave statistics for determination of design sea state, bollard pull calculations, seafastening/ grillage design, risk analysis, lifting operations, ship and barge designs, mooring analysis and various manuals (transport manuals etc.)

Basically We can offer a complete package of documentation for heavy lift transports.

Reputation and unique services are important in order to secure future work. Just as crucial is maintaining an up to date fleet. On the vessel side, either you exist or you don’t, because the Charterers need to ensure that you have the latest technology available. So in 2007 BOA started a rigorous new-building programme which included the order of the aforementioned SBL vessels and Tugs, in addition two VS491 anchor handling tug suppliers (AHTS) and two VS495 multi-purpose supply vessels (MPSV).

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