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“A strong presence of beauty that is natural, warm and inviting.”

The story of The BOEN Group is a story of nature. With deep roots stretching back to as early as 1641, our proud hardwood heritage is founded on two sawmills by a crystal clear waterfall near Kristiansand, in the southern tip of Norway.

Since then, the people of BOEN have constantly brought forward a history of innovation, Scandinavian design traditions and authentic craftsmanship, and the company is today a worldwide brand with cutting edge production sites in Lithuania and Germany.

The BOEN Group exports exclusive hardwood floors to homes, corporate buildings and sport venues in the two-layer, three-layer and solid wood segments in more than 40 countries on four continents. One basic principle has over time remained at the very heart of BOEN’s culture and history: respect for nature and environmental sustainability. This standard is well reflected in our processing and management of raw materials, and we have implemented a chain of custody systems in accordance with The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™) and other certification schemes.

The company’s values: RELIABILITY, RESPECT and PROFESSIONALISM are deeply incorporated in our every day tasks, and are probably part of the reason why we continue to strengthen our position in Scandinavia, Germany, the Baltics and other central European markets.

We welcome you to explore the trusted brand of BOEN’s far in excess of 300 exclusive hardwood floors at Let us help you to create a lifelong sense of natural luxury and elegance at your feet.

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