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Axelborg – renowned for its personal service, natural green focus and exquisite taste

“It’s not really that difficult for us to be green,” says Pernille Lützhøft, Dirctor at Axelborg, an exclusive conference centre in Copenhagen. Lützhøft makes a gesture with her fingers indicating inverted commas as she says the word “green” and welcomes you smiling at the door of the historical Axelborg building, just across from the Tivoli Gardens in central Copenhagen. The inverted commas are because she does not want to appear fanatical about green issues, since she finds being “green” very much a matter of common sense, and simply something which ought to be part of everyday life, even when running an ambitious conference centre as she does.

Originally built in 1920, Axelborg is now run by the husband-and-wife-team who founded this enterprise. Chef, Rasmus Bo Bojesen and, Director, Pernille Lützhøft and has become a schoolbook example of how to create innovation in historic settings. With numerous hotels next door, the conference centre offers a winning combination of majestic settings, culinary experiences and a modern and green approach to everything from food to service.

“It’s very natural to us because, in essence, our green profile originates from Bojesen’s original focus on green and sustainable food and it all comes down to our focus on taste and quality. We have had Bojesen’s green approach with us from the very beginning and that is why we are in front when it comes to ecology and sustainability,” explains Lützhøft and adds: “But having said that, we never compromise with the taste of our food in any way, we are not green in a self-righteous way. It just makes sense to us to use our Nordic ingredients, and working with wild produce from nearby forests brings great joy to our chefs and guests.”

When it comes to food, Axelborg has always been at the top of its game. Before taking over Axelborg, Rasmus Bo Bojesen worked for numerous years at French Michelin star restaurants and later, after a stint in Japan, opened up several of his own restaurants in Denmark. The culinary expertise earned Axelborg a unique invitation to participate in the Copenhagen Cooking Festival, the biggest food festival in Scandinavia focusing on promoting high food quality.

A Royal taste
All food served at Axelborg is cooked from scratch; Bojesen even has its own bakery, confectionary and chocolatier and furthermore is one of the most thriving caterers for large dinner events.

Among the many prominent regular clients are, for instance, the Danish Royal Family, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and leading Danish conglomerates. On top of this, Bojesen runs the Royal Danish Opera’s restaurant and hosts events in the stunning new opera house when it is not in use for performances.

But despite the royal connections and the stunning settings at Axelborg, guests should not expect to be met by starched uniforms and stiff smiles when visiting.

“Axelborg is a very old place and it does have a lot of personality, and so do the people who work here. We want to provide a personalized service and that’s why, for instance, no-one in the reception wears uniforms and why we change our menu all the time to fit our guests. We really make an effort to have a very individual approach, and this is only possible, because we run our own business and are not part of a big chain,” Lützhøft stresses.

Personalized service and chocolate
With 6000 square meters divided on three levels, 14 beautiful halls and capacity to host meeting for 6 to 450 people right in the centre of Copenhagen, it is no wonder that Axelborg has become one of Denmark’s most exclusive and sought after conference facilities. Every week approximately 2,500 guests visit the centre for tailor-made conferences and celebrations. The success, however, has not made the hard working couple, who took over the building in 2000, slow down. The two entrepreneurs continue to seek to enhance guests’ experience by providing an individual and personal service while, at the same time, creating a greener, and more sustainable facility.

Pernille Lützhøft explains: “We are Green Key certificated, which means that we have to live up to a set of international rules and regulations regarding, among other things, our use of organic produce, waste separation and electricity usage. But actually, it’s not that demanding for us, since it is more or less how we do things anyway. Sustainability just makes so much sense, when working with food.”

One of the many ways in which visitors will enjoy the fact that Axelborg is part of Bojesen’s own business and not a chain is the delicious treats of Bojesen’s own brand of luxury chocolate, Oialla. The chocolate is made from organic, wild cocoa beans and is supported by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Oialla has won several taste awards.

Served with coffee and tea at conferences and dinners, Oialla embodies the essence of Axelborg – an exclusive luxurious taste goes hand in hand with social and environmental commitment just as at Axelborg marble staircases, high ceilings and polished brass handles go hand in hand with waste sorting, sustainable sourcing and common sense.

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