bondura® technology AS

The bondura® is designed and produced by bondura® technology. Situated at Bryne (Norway), close to Stavanger, we are able to meet our customers in their element – the oil & gas industry.

The bondura® is tailored according to the customer’s requirements and specifications. Thus the bondura® is being precisely customized without need of changes to equipment.

The principle of our technology is ingenious and simple. The pin itself is tapered at both ends. The conical sleeves with corresponding tapering are assembled and expand on the pin upon tightening. Thus, the bondura® is secured to the support.

The bondura® eliminates play and repair ovality that might have occurred caused by wear and tear and general pounding. When new equipment is being manufactured, assembly play can be built in, that is absorbed by tightening the bondura® pin. This will result in a more cost efficient assembly of equipment and an extremely tight connection, preventing play to occur.

Disassembly of the bondura® is very simple as the pin is loose when the conical sleeves are removed. We have also developed separate removal tool to make the job easier. The bondura® Multi Tool is available for both rental and purchase.

bondura® is a patented product as well as “Type Approved” by DnV. The technology is also certified according to the APO, DNV and FEM regulations, and has been classified as “Proven Technology” within the offshore-, construction- and industry business since 1994.

bondura® technology AS
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