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Boos IT consultancy services is an independent software house founded in 1992. Through continuous work and cooperation with major oil and gas companies in the North Sea area, we have established an expertise within Alarm Management solutions, providing software solutions with major added value in the area of analyzing alarm and event logs in near real time.

Boos ASAutomatic Shutdown Reporting
Document and verify every trip incident in your plant

The Automatic Shutdown Analyzer is an advanced tool for analyzing shutdown sequences in a plant. The tool is designed to verify that the defined Cause and Effect hierarchy and every Output has performed as expected during a shutdown, according to the Master cause and
effect diagrams.

  • Complete revision based configuration by import of Cause and Effect Diagrams.
  • Real time analysis – automatic list of every tripped shutdown level showing initiating cause.
  • Detailed report of every effect with timestamped commands and feedbacks.
  • Handle override, blocked, suppress state

Safety Valve Validation
An application for verifying Safety Valve movements in a plant.

The tool will automatically record all valve movements and creates detailed reports, such as

  • Time of last successful operation
  • Verify ESD / PSD / PCDA initiated movements
  • Status of operation, including travel time analysis
    Report which valves have been successfully operated and which have not over a time period
  • save valuable time in planning for safety tests

The Automatic Shutdown Reporting applications integrates with Event Historians from any .Net Database provider (Oracle, MS SQL etc). Intuitive Web interface, all report results are easily exported to Excel.

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