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– the IP Law Firm that Means Business for the Customers

Intellectual Property Law firm Brann helps customers protect their most important competitive advantage: their ideas and innovations. Brann is a key partner throughout the entire lifecycle – from concept formation to commercially viable product or service, as well as valuation and transactions of patents, trademarks, and even complete companies. Relevant business consulting, patents, trademarks, protection of design and Intellectual Property Management are examples of services offered by Brann. In fact, the company is often acting as an intermediary between researchers from academia and companies that are willing to provide funding towards the development of new innovations.
Intellectual property is a very complex area today. Companies as well as inventors compete on a global level and competition is tougher today than ever before. Brann’s consultants are specialists in the field and contribute vital advice; therefore, the company should be contacted as early as possible in the innovation cycle.

“We combine business expertise and extensive industrial experience with in-depth knowledge of how innovations are developed. We usually say that we are the link between researchers and the industry”, states Brann CEO Anders Tangen.

The importance of patents
“The patent portfolio is often the most valuable asset that a company has. The greatest wealth rests here, and without it the company would, in most cases, not survive. Protecting the patent portfolio content is the most important thing, and that is exactly what we do”, explains Tangen.

Patents are business tools. By extension, it is important to build a strong brand and a trademark that are well-recognized. When exclusive rights for a specified period expire, such as design protection and patents, the trademark and all that is associated with it still remains.

Full-service Intellectual Property Law firm
Brann is a full-service Intellectual Property Law firm covering patents, legal advice and business consulting. These are three very different things, but the areas are often combined in the real world which means that expertise in all three is required when protecting a new innovation, for example.

Since Brann’s consultants stem from the industry, they have the essential skills and experience necessary to determine what is realistic and viable in terms of commercialization of innovations. If an innovation is not commercially viable, it must be adapted. Brann can communicate with industrial partners and convey knowledge between academia and industry.

“We have very talented consultants. We recruit regularly and make sure to be updated in terms of expertise. We have about 60 employees today, a close-knit team of colleagues eager to discuss common interests in law, patents, and business development. We secure the most important thing that a company has, i.e. their innovations. Therefore it is important that we maintain a high level of expertise”, Anders Tangen continues.

Strong in Life Science
Since the company was established in 1949 innovations within Life Science has been one of the most important areas. Brann initiated the industrial network “Life Science and Medtech” which has about 500 members in the Stockholm region. It was actually Anders Tangen who started the network in 2006 on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce in Stockholm.

Expanding Business
In 2012, Brann opened a branch in Gothenburg, close to western Sweden’s strong life science cluster. “We are expanding all the time and the Gothenburg region is a very interesting area to operate in with many strong and viable businesses, for example in the Life Sciences. We have a growing customer base in the Gothenburg area that we want to serve even better”, Anders Tangen concludes.

Listen to our Customers
Brann’s goal is to have the most skilled co-workers and the most satisfied customers in the industry. In a recent survey including more than 200 customers, all customers stated that they were happy or very happy about Brann’s services. Here is a comment from one of our customers:

“I have been in the Technology Transfer business since 2004 and during this period worked with several IP law firms from different countries. There has always been a gap between a required level of IP management and protection process and the actual service and understanding provided by the IP law firms. I am very glad to work with Brann AB; the commercial results show that our technologies are very well handled by Brann AB because of the uniqueness and quality of service. I’ve previously worked with several IP law firms providing a decent quality patent draft and follow ups on office actions, understanding the regulations, finding opportunities and being up to date. Unfortunately, in the tech transfer business, this is not enough, we do not “just” need a patent BUT we need a valuable, transferable IP. Therefore it is necessary that the company providing IP related services is able to understand not just the technology but the business and commercial opportunities too. Working with Brann AB this criterion is completely fulfilled, our portfolio started to include accurately and properly managed patents, our IP strategies are not only based on generalities but case specific and business knowledge. We receive very well timed and outstanding quality additional services such as Freedom-tooperate search and analysis, technology / patent valuation and strategic decision support.

Based on all our experiences, we do recommend Brann AB for its outstanding service portfolio.

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