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Shawcor’s Pipeline Performance team represented by its former divisions Bredero Shaw and Socotherm is the world leader in pipeline coatings and subsea insulation solutions. Our innovative coatings and proven track record of more than 400,000 miles of installed pipelines provides assurance of pipeline reliability in the most difficult environments: arctic climates, rugged terrain, high operating temperatures, deep water environments and many other unique applications. Integrated products and services leverages our strong R&D capabilities, unparalleled operational footprint and unique solutions to deliver world class products and services covering: Subsea Thermal Insulation Systems, Anti-Corrosion Protective Coatings, Concrete Weight Coatings, Internal Linings, Custom Coatings and Field Joint Coatings. With 20 permanent plant locations and a fleet of modular equipment in key regions of the oil and gas industry we provides optimized logistics and enhanced local content requirements, important keys to success for our clients where ever they are operating. Complemented by our high-performance Canusa field joint coating systems and our Dhatec product range to ensure damage-free delivery of pipes, Shawcor’s Pipeline Performance team delivers complete end-to-end solutions to protect the integrity of your pipeline.

As oil and gas resources are becoming harder to reach, Shawcor is continually working with its clients in developing new technologies. This has become evident in the growing offshore market where Shawcor has recently launched its new line Thermotite® ULTRA™ thermal insulation systems.

New Technology
For many years the materials used for thermal insulation coatings on offshore pipelines have been dominated by materials such as polypropylene and polyurethane. These materials have given reliable insulation systems that have been deployed in deep waters, up to around 2200m, and with a coating thickness of up to 100mm. However, there are several limitations for these technologies as developments move into deeper waters and at higher operating temperatures. For this reason, the Shawcor Thermal Insulation R&D centre in Norway has been developing new innovative and practical solutions for future projects.

By combining technical expertise with years of industry experience, Shawcor’s R&D team focuses on new product development, material testing, system design and technical services for thermal insulation systems. With access to a research laboratory, a pilot line to simulate small scale production and plant access for full scale trials, the R&D team is well equipped to develop new products. Rigorous thermal and mechanical testing procedures measure system performance to ensure customer specifications are met. Shawcor has three dedicated facilities in Orkanger, Norway; Toronto, Canada and Calgary, Canada.

Recently, we have seen requirements for thermal insulation in even deeper water. As a result, we have been researching and developing a new more efficient wet insulation system over the past three years. The result of that development has produced an improved insulating coating based on styrenic materials called Thermotite® ULTRA™. This insulation material provides superior subsea thermal insulation properties, providing benefits to the manufacturer and end user unmatched by any existing thermoplastic pipe insulation systems, and it heralds a new era in pipe coating solutions.

Thermotite® ULTRA™ has been used on two offshore projects to date, one in the Gulf of Mexico and a second in the North Sea. Both were successfully installed with reel lay vessels and are currently operating under full service conditions.

Benefits of Thermotite® ULTRA™
Thermotite® ULTRA™ brings two step change improvements to the realm of deepwater thermal insulation. As a solid, it offers unlimited water depth capability vs. incumbent wet insulation systems which are currently limited to approximately 10,000 ft. As a foam, the thermal efficiency of Thermotite® ULTRA™ is unmatched, providing a superior solution for shallow water installations and considerably extending the reach of wet insulation for use in subsea tiebacks. Other benefits include:
1. Lower thermal conductivity allows for thinner insulation, reducing installation costs.
2. Higher density extends cool-down performance, improves seabed stability in flowlines, eliminates buoyancy constraints, and optimizes hydrodynamic response in risers.
3. The option of thermally efficient designs based on solid insulation components, and the production and performance benefits associated therewith.
4. A compatible injection-moulded field joint ensures continuous insulation over the welded joint area, maximizing system integrity and performance.
5. No glass micro-balloons, thereby simplifying processing and eliminating the risk of decreased thermal performance due to glass breakage and limitations on glass loading.
6. Extensive system design flexibility based on multi layer solid and foamed structures.

Our Norway location
Shawcor Norway is strategically located in the Port of Orkanger in order to efficiently service the North Sea and international markets.

The Orkanger facility has significant coating plant and storage capacities and is capable of applying anticorrosion, Thermotite® flow assurance coatings, custom coatings and field joints allowing for multiple projects to be completed simultaneously. There is also the ability to handle double joints for cost savings and ease of installation. Shawcor is the industry leader in providing a safe and healthy workplace. The Orkanger facility has incorporated the latest industry technology in HSE practices and improved on the quality process control systems that are utilised in our coating operations. Many of Shawcor’s facilities around the world have similar product capabilities and most projects in which the company participates are determined by where the pipe is manufactured or where it is consumed by our customers.
Shawcor’s coating systems can be designed and manufactured to meet client specifications utilizing a single plant location or a combination of coating locations depending on project logistics. High capacity within the Shawcor plant network allows the client to benefit from single source advantages, ultimately providing more cost effective management of pipe coating needs.

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