BREDO – Bremerhavener Dock GmbH


Bremerhavener Dock GmbH – or in its well known short term BREDO is one of the fastest shipyards in Northern Europe when it comes to repairs, maintenance and conversions for Vessels of any type. BREDO has expanded its range of services to help ship-owners and operators to comply with the new IMO regulations designed to cut the amount of air pollution generated by the maritime industry. Profile by Michael von Häfen.

Since arising out of the ashes of Schichau – Seebeck Shipyard´s insolvency in the mid-1990s BREDO has consistently invested in its facilities. The yard operates four floating docks with capacities ranging from 116m to 200m in length, which can accommodate ships of any types and dimensions. The yard also has its own repair berth as well as manufacturing and assembly halls in the harbor areas of Bremerhaven. BREDO´s flying squads assist the customers worldwide.

The latest investments are a new engine workshop with heavy-load flooring and a self-propelled floating crane capable of hoisting 150t loads. A new pipe-workshop enables BREDO to work with glass reinforced plastic.

“Regular ship maintenance and repair is our core business but we are not specialized in any kind of work or ship type,” said Managing Director Dirk Harms. “Our facilities give us a high level of flexibility. Whether it’s repairs, engine overhauls, conversions, cutting and lengthening, refit or corrosion protection work, we have the skills and the resources to do the job.”

“I started adding up how many customers we had and I stopped when I reached 300. More than 95 per cent of them are repeat customers. There is no secret as to why they keep coming back. We simply always endeavor to make ourselves better and faster.”

“Our people are highly experienced and we have established a network of specialists who supplement our team with their know-how. We can resource as much manpower as required and work around the clock. Our teams of engineers also carry out repair work at other German ports and at locations all around the world.”


BREDO_Bremerhavener_Dock_GmbH3Scrubber Systems

Bredo has recently broadened its capability after completing its first installation of a scrubber system. This is designed to reduce the level of emissions from heavy fuel oil to the level permitted in sulphur emission control areas (SECAs), which became effective in 2015.
“The unit enables this ship, a tanker, to continue to use heavy fuel oil instead of changing to gas oil, which could prove to be a very big financial benefit,” added Mr Harms. “We built a new casing aft of the funnel to house the scrubber unit and supplied all the necessary prefabricated parts and piping for the main engine, auxiliary engine and boilers.”
“The ship’s owner specified that a lot of the pipework was to be made of glass-reinforced plastic. We had not used GRP before and so went through the necessary certification process to allow us to work on systems made of this material.”
“We are currently talking to several owners and operators about retro- fitting scrubbers on their ships. I think this new service will be increasingly in demand.”

Market Opportunities
Many years of experience and the know-how of technically sophisticated conversions make BREDO your ideal partner for the successful and efficient installation of emission scrubbing plants, ballast water treatment or LNG propulsion systems. The customer decides whether BREDO simply installs the provided system or supplies an integrated solution including construction. An experienced team of engineers and draftsmen stands ready in either case to meet the technical challenges these systems provide.
Bredo assigns a high level of importance to environmental protection. All work is conducted in accordance with ISO 14000, ISO 50001 and its quality management systems are certified by DNV-GL. Bredo is also a member of an organization set up by the State of Bremen for companies that voluntarily agree to follow even more stringent environmental protection standards.
Integral part of the yard’s environmental management system is a floating pontoon, which is used for the cleaning of oil tanks and bilges. It is equipped with a steam generator to heat up oil tanks, a vacuum plant consisting of two vacuum pumps and three vacuum tanks, storage tanks inside the pontoon to store oil-water mixtures for later disposal, and piping systems including flexible hoses.

Strategic Partners
BREDO has established a network of specialists and partnering companies that stand ready to supplement the yard with their personnel and their world leading know-how. Around the clock, 100 BREDO experts and if needed up to 400 employees of BREDO´s partners work at the four floating docks and at the repair berths.
“By working with our key partners, we can offer our customers a comprehensive range of repair, maintenance and conversion services,” explained Mr. Harms. “Together with our own staff, there are around 200  contractors working at the shipyard on any one day.”
“The repair business is a very specific service industry and our network of suppliers need to follow our processes and procedures; they need to think like we think.
“We have around 120 dockings a year and work to short timeframes. Our customers want the work on their vessels to be completed as quickly as possible and that is exactly what we demand of our suppliers. If we need them to be here on Saturday night or Sunday morning, they have to be  here.”

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