Brødrene Johnsen AS


Brodrene_Johnsen_01Quality assurance
We have been ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2009. This standard demonstrates that our quality assurance system is certified in accordance with the standard for good quality management. This standard takes a process-oriented approach, and includes in its scope issues such as quality management, product design, customer service, document control, internal training, internal revision, and management evaluatio.

We currently have 15 employees with different backgrounds, training, and skills. The team consists of, among others, experienced CNC operators and technicians, mechanical engineers, and industrial designers. This means we can assist our customers with development, design, and machining – the workshop is staffed 24 hours a day, six days a week, which makes rapid and flexible delivery times possible.

We are leaders in mechanical engineers with a primary focus on swarf removal processing work. Our machinery consists of vertical machining centres and lathes with c-axes and rotary tools. In addition to series and batch production, we also offer service and maintenance agreements. Thermal spraying and electrolytic coating are offered through our network.

Environmentally conscious
At Brødrene Johnsen we believe that maintaining focus on the environment is important. For us, this means we procure properly, use the correct materials, the implementation of recycling schemes and sorting refuse, in addition to re-cycling all filings and left over materials from our production processes. We always focus on making sustainable products with long lifetimes, and we also undertake repair and

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