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Bryn Aarflot AS is one of Norway´s leading IP-firms, providing assistance to inventors, companies and other intellectual property right owners within all areas of intellectual property law. Bryn Aarflot AS offers technical and legal expertise on all levels and in all areas relating to intellectual property rights, i.e. all issues relating to patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, domain names, and marketing law/unfair competition.

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BAA has a highly qualified staff of professionals, comprising patent attorneys specializing in all fields of technology, and lawyers having intellectual property rights as their primary field of expertise. Our intellectual property expertise, at the nexus of law, innovation, design and technology, allows us to offer a complete range of services to inventors, companies and other owners of intellectual property rights. On several occasions during the last few years, BAA has been voted by the international journal “Managing Intellectual Property” as the leading firm in Norway within the field of intellectual property law. Throughout our more than 60 years of experience, we have assisted entrepreneurs and firms of all sizes. We know, therefore, the importance of being able to identify each particular client’s need for professional assistance. We aspire to keep one step ahead of developments in international and national intellectual property law. On the international level, we have strong relations with a world-wide network of experts within our field of expertise.

Bryn Aarflot´s history
During the first years after the Second World War, many new products appeared on the Norwegian market. There was a general feeling of optimism, and prospects for business were promising. Engineers Tom Bryn and Harald Aarflot therefore had the best outlooks for establishing their own firm. They both had many years of experience as consultants within intellectual property rights before establishing the firm Bryn & Aarflot A/S in 1947. In 1962, Bryn & Aarflot was reorganized into a share-holder company, and in 1998 it was transformed into a partner managed limited company. In 2002, the company name was changed to Bryn Aarflot AS, and our new logo was introduced.

Our aim
Bryn Aarflot aspires to be Norway’s most service-minded consulting firm within the field of intellectual property rights. Our trademark shall be associated with active attendance to and development of our clients’ interests and needs.

International connections
Bryn Aarflot has a widespread network of international relations and business connections. We assist foreign businesses with IP matters in Norway, and we assist Norwegian inventors and businesses in IP related matters abroad. Through our widespread international network of associates in the field of patent, trademark and law, we assist our clients in all jurisdictions across the world. Our consultants are members of central international IP organizations, such as FICPI, INTA, AIPPI and others, and attend international meetings and conferences of professional interest.

Our clients
Our clients reflect a broad range of Norwegian and foreign individuals, as well as small, medium and large size enterprises. We assist our foreign associate law and patent firms in maintaining their clients’ IP-related interests in Norway.

Bryn Aarflot provides technical and legal assistance at all levels in matters relating to patents, trademarks, design, licensing, copyright, domain names and unfair competition. Our legal staff includes patent attorneys in all technical fields as well as attorneys and consultants with IP law as their primary field of expertise.

Bryn Aarflot offers services within:
General counselling – Strategic counselling Patentability evaluation – Freedom to operate analysis Availability searches – Application filing and prosecution Infringement analysis – Monitoring – Assignment Licensing – Nondisclosure agreements – Litigation Attending to terms – Contact with patent authorities and patent agents – Annuities and renewals

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