Bsafe Systems AS

Lockout / Tagout (Safety)
Bsafe Systems AS provides an extensive range of Lockout/Tagout products (LOTO) for securing various types of valves, electrical circuits and equipment. Shutdown is important during repair and maintenance work and a proper “lockout” procedure in factory, serious accidents, life, health and environment can be avoided.

Thermal Printers (Identification – Labelling)
Bsafe Systems AS provides Thermal Printers for your own production of such as Signs and Pipe Marking, where the finished product is intended for interior and exterior use. Our label printers are based on thermal technology (heat), one point wise meltdown of color film in materials like vinyl or polyester film. We know that the industry are concerned and has a strong focus on safety labeling at the workplace. Thermal printers from Bsafe Systems will quickly solve these tasks professionally and with industrial quality and appearance.

Stamps, engraving and signage (Identification – Labelling)
Bsafe Systems AS have skilled professionals that create and produce custom signs, large or small. We use CNC-operated machinery to cut foil, engrave metals for plaques – you provide the challenge, we deliver the solution. Bsafe Systems AS also produce and stock most standard HSErelated signage for the industrial applications.

Labelling the Workplace
Correct labelling of your machinery and your workplace – identifying the hazard where the hazard exist is the easy and cost effective way to achieve your HSE goals. In compliance with your Company or Government regulations.

Bsafe Systems AS
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