Business Region Göteborg AB

Life Science is one of the main strengths of the Gothenburg region.
For us, this achievement is not a mystery. Several reasons why:

  • A strong industrial sector
  • 450 Life Science companies
  • World-class excellence in scientific research
  • Long track record of innovation
  • Significant expertise in CVD and metabolic research; medical imaging, biomaterial, orthopedics, dental implants, stem cell research and transplantation
  • Meeting-places where participants can interact
  • State-of-the-art incubation facilities, laboratory spaces and commercial properties

Business Region Göteborg creates arenas and networks where science and industry can meet. We convey contacts, make it easier for new players and provide momentum so development can continue. Quite simply, we are your link to a vital region.

For establishment and investment matters, please contact:
Petra Sedelius, Head of Investment Service,, +46 31 3676130
Iris Öhrn, Investment Manager – Life Science,, +46 31 3676128