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C Marine is an independent consultant company with experienced staff specialised in the design and construction of low weight composite vessels. Using our staff’s long shipyard experience from building specialised vessels, ranging from naval corvettes to commercial fast passenger ferries and work boats, C Marine provides engineering services and project management for a complete ship. We assist ship owners or shipyards in all phases of the development and construction of the vessel.

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C Marine AB’s staff has a long experience gained from the Swedish shipbuilding industry and international cooperation in a wide range of different activities such as development, design, production and management. Using this experience in assisting you in your projects, our competent and devoted staff contributes with excellent, reliable and weight efficient solutions for your needs. Our expertise in advanced composite hull materials such as carbon fibre-sandwich, make us unique among Swedish shipbuilding consultants.

With a background in building complex naval vessels with hundreds of sub systems, C Marine’s staff has developed a systematic approach to the design task. Every system and equipment on board is motivated by operational or functional requirements, yet still the outcome is a wellbalanced vessel from all aspects. This can only be achieved by combining design and construction experience with operational knowledge. The experience and expertise of our staff makes C Marine AB your best partner for success in your project.

Fields of expertise:

• Project management
• Requirement analysis
• Conceptual development
• Arrangements
• Hydromechanics
• Composite design
• Structural design
• Strength analysis and FEA
• System integration
• Weight management
• Material estimation
• Structural workshop preparation
• LEAN management in design & production
• Life cycle cost analyses
• Research & Development
• Planning

c marine

Pictures courtesy of TBS Yard AB (1,3) and Özata Shipyard (top,4,5)

C Marine AB
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