C4T S.C.a R.L.

C4T “Inside Med Chem Research”


C4T S.C.a R.L. is a SME founded in 2002 as a joint venture among Tecnofarmaci Scpa, University of Rome “Tor Vergata” and other private investors. Distinctive model of privatepublic share holding, C4T retains the culture of curiosity and intellectual enquiry inherited from the academic roots. At the same time it has built a reputation for delivering results, meeting deadlines and paying strict regard to confidentiality.

All C4T activities pivot around Chemistry, spanning from advanced organic synthesis to medicinal and analytical chemistry. Activities include Rational Drug Design and

Synthesis of New Chemical Entities (NCEs); design and synthesis of innovative scaffolds; synthetic pathway development; patent exemplification for IP build-up; synthesis and charcterization of impurities, synthesis of standards/reference compounds, analytical methods development and validation.

All C4T research activities are directed whether to Proprietary Research Projects, developed in tight cooperation with Academic groups of excellence or to contract research services for Pharmas/Research Institutes.

C4T labs are equipped with state of the art facilities for both compound synthesis and full analytical characterization. An advanced IT platform (Cambridge Soft from Perkin Elmer CBOE Platform) offers further assistance in speeding up the chemists’ performance. Confirming well recognized quality standards C4T Labs are ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 Certified (Certiquality) and received Accreditation in 2011 MIUR (MIUR – Italian Ministry of Education, University & Research).

Research Services

C4T offers expertise in innovative Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, supported by valuable skills in Analytical Chemistry ranging from Analytical Methods Development and Validation to state of the art NMR studies and C4T has set long term partnerships with leading Pharma Companies.

R&D support services include:

• Drug Discovery Services (from Hit to Lead),  by the closest cooperation between Computational and Organic Synthesis Unit
• Organic Synthesis & Route Development (from generics to high value or novel impurities, from scaffold and focused library to reference compound synthesis)
• Chemical Analysis & NMR studies (ICH guidelines)

We are committed to delivering the best solutions to Drug Discovery Process with high quality and efficient standards.


Research Projects

The Research Centre has matured great experience in national funded research projects through the years, as well represented by C4T main Grants (MIUR, FIRB, UNESCO, Filas I and II DTB).

Working on the development of several Med Chem Projects, C4T has achieved remarkable expertise in design and synthesis of kinase and protease inhibitors (WO 2007/099117 A1), immunomodulating agents (Tγδ lymphocyte activators – WO 2008/148617 A1), cannabinoid receptors modulators (PCT/IB2013/061106).

Today we are focused on:
• Development of new prognostic and diagnostic tools
for neurodegenerative diseases – IVASCOMAR

Collaboration Network

We set up a strong collaboration network with outstanding Academic groups to improve our capacity in delivering innovative solutions.

Our key reasearchers:

Prof. Orazio Nicolotti
• Pharmacy Department – University of Bari “Aldo Moro”
• Collaboration field: Molecular Design

Prof. Maurizio Paci
• Chemistry Department – University of Rome
“Tor Vergata”
• Collaboration field: NMR Studies
• Strong focus on DOSY Technique

Moreover we set partnership with leading groups all over Europe INSERM (FR), Imperiall College (UK), Hospital de Girona (SPA), Policlino di Tor Vergata (Dip.to di Medicina e Biologia), Università degli Studi di Teramo, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Ist. Nazionale Malattie Infettive “Spallanzani”; Università e Fondazione Centro “San Raffaele” di Milano.


The NMR Platform

We have an Advanced NMR Platform
(Bruker 300-700 MHz) for
• Mono-dimensional NMR: 1H; 13C, Eteronuclei
• Two-dimensional NMR: TOCSY, NOESY, ROESY, HSQC
• Diffusion Ordered Spectroscopy experiments (1H, 13C)

The most recent track record includes:
• Isotope shift NMR – DFL 23805 structure assignment
• DOSY studies on macromolecular conjugates – DAC® (Novagenit) Stability Study Dossier
• Dosy studies on macromolcule-ligand interaction – focused Drug/ Cyclodextrins studies


CB2R Agonist Lead Series

Matching the experience of the Biochemistry and Experimental Medicine Department of University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, C4T has developed a Proprietary Project, Regione-Lazio financed (Filas I-DTB),focused on the identification of novel modulators for cannabinoid receptors.

Main results of the three years of financed project for CB2R target enclose:
• Proprietary CB2 Drug Discovery Platform development (up to lead optimisaton)
• CB2R/CB2R* & CB1R/CB1R* proprietary homology models generation
• CB2 Targeted in house focused library (250 compounds) design and synthesis
• CB2 agonists lead identification – C4T 3116 lead series: nM range agonists; selectivity main endocannabinoid system receptors – CB1, FAAH, MAGL; scaffold novelty (PCT/IB2013/061106)
• CB2 inverse agonists hit identification (μM range; scaffold novelty)

Via della Ricerca Scientifica snc, Ed. PP2 – 00133 Roma
+39 0672594029