Café de France

One of Stavangers most historical houses


What is Det Stavangerske Klubselskab?
Det Stavangerske Klubselskab is the meeting, conference and banquett department of Café de France. Cafe de France has been one of the top gourmet restaurants in Stavanger since 1987. In 2013 we started working together with the oldest gentlemans club in Norway. Det Stavangerske Klubselskab was established in 1784, and has been located in the present building since 1915. The main house itself was built in 1859, and has since been frequented by many of Stavanger founding fathers.

Does it fif our needs?
The house offers a variaty of posibilities. We have smaller rooms suited for meetings of 2 – 20 people, of bigger rooms that can seat up to 100. It all depeng on what type of setting you require. And of course in addition to day time meetings or conferences we can offer all kinds of food and drink options for dinner in the evening.

What type og food an we get?
Beeing a top gourmet restaurant we can of course offer all kindes of catering soulutions : Breakfast, lunch, dinner, fingerfood, wine tastings or cooking classes.

Please contact us for an offer specially suited to your needs.


+47 51 52 86 26