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Cambi’s patented Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) treats municipal and industrial biosolids and biowaste prior to anaerobic digestion. Since 1995 we have delivered 27 plants internationally with 12 more plants under design/construction, with a total capacity to treat sludge and biowaste from more than 30 mill. people. Cambi supplies turnkey projects that have a reputation for high performance digestion and reliability backed up by operational support.

Biosolids & Biowaste
As a pre-treatment of sewage sludge, wastes and other organic feedstock for digestion and biogas production, the Cambi process typically operates at 165-170°C. The organic matter is thereby dissolved into an easily digestible feed for efficient biogas production by anaerobic digestion, while all harmful organisms (pathogens) are being destroyed.

The digestate dewaters very well and can be used as an efficient fertilizer. In fact, the Cambi process opens for a safe and economic recirculation of important micronutrients and in particular Phosphorus, a limited resource of fundamental importance to the world’s food production. Cambi is also looking at using the same technology in new applications for bio energy production and other bio renewable processes.


  • Higher biogas yields in small digesters due to high dry solids digestion of solubilized feed
  • Pathogen-free nutritious fertilizer (including Phosphorous) produced from sewage sludge and biowaste can be used as a bio-fertilizer in agriculture, or as an organic soil improver
  • Typically 50% or more mass reduction compared with conventional digestion
  • The process treats a wide variety of biological wastes and organic feedstock, including categories 2 and 3 animal by-products and can meet possible future regulatory enforcements regarding process temperature and holding time
  • All Cambi plants are designed as closed systems and minimize all potential smell/ odour
  • Mature reference plants that are proven to work on a wide variety of wastes including domestic household waste

The Company
Cambi AS is a privately owned company based in Norway. Cambi has daughter companies in
Denmark, UK, Poland, Germany, USA and China in addition to an international network of agents and
representatives. Cambi has been involved in the development of environmental technology since 1989.

Improving the World’s Ecological Balance

  • More biogas
  • High rate of digestion
  • Phosphorous recovery
  • End product halved
  • High flexibility
Cambi AS
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