With close to 20 years of experience, CAN is currently one of the leading players when it comes to skilled operations combined with rope access technology. All projects are planned by our experienced and operationally oriented engineers based at our office in Stavanger. Together with our highly qualified operators, they have delivered over 1,000 projects, mostly on the Norwegian continental shelf.


Our goal is as follows: ”CAN shall continuously develop inhouse expertise in order to be the preferred contractor for work at heights.” To achieve this goal, we have assembled a staff of skilled employees with a high work ethic. All our employees have been chosen for their experience, academic and not least human qualities which can help us succeed.

We have some of Norway’s best method engineers and a staff of skilled operators in many disciplines, all with special competence in rope access technique. This enables us to solve both large and small tasks practically anywhere, safely and effectively. In our experience, many assignments can be completed in a third of the time by not using scaffolding.

CAN Products –Install and Remove
Many jobs are located in areas where there is insufficient crane coverage. CAN AS has the solution: with specially designed lifting equipment, in combination with experience and expertise within rigging and cross hauling, we are able to access even the most difficult locations to install and remove various structures.

CAN ASCAN Products –Prevent Dropped Objects
CAN Prevent Dropped Objects is a total concept that covers all aspects within the category dropped objects (DO). CAN Prevent DO consist of individual modules that can be executed separately or combined with others to cover several aspects. We can set up an annual program for one rig or several rigs, which means we can customize a concept from the customer’s needs.

CAN Products –Inspect
CAN is now one of the leading companies within inspection, combined with rope access techniques. We have a team of skilled inspectors experienced in a variety of NDT methods – UT, ET, MT, PT, VT and RT – and perform structural inspections of all kinds, both offshore and onshore.

CAN Products – Weld
Welding is sometimes required in difficult and inaccessible areas. CAN Weld is a total concept developed for the performance of hot work in these areas using rope access techniques. The concept covers all the necessary equipment and all the necessary functions needed to implement, monitor and document the welding job.

Since the company was established, CAN has assisted clients in the planning, implementation and completion of projects. The earlier in the project our engineers are involved, the greater the gains for the customer in terms of safety and efficiency, especially in areas with difficult access.

CAN’s main goal is for all activities to take place without harm to people, equipment and the environment. All equipment and tools will be adapted for safe work at heights. When purchasing or designing new equipment, both unctionality and suitability shall be ensured in terms of safety.

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