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CapSenze offers two analytical platforms that each represents unique analytical performance. One is a capacitive biosensor with extreme sensitivity – limit of detection ranging from 10-18 to 10-20 moles per liter (M) for different analytes. The useful operational concentration range is 10-15 – 10-18 M.
The other platform, VersAFlo, involves a fully integrated flow-injection system for bioprocess monitoring and control.

Capacitive biosensor: The concept is simple: on an insulated metal surface affinity binders are immobilized. When applying a current pulse, one can register the capacitance between the sensor surface and counter ion layer in the medium. When an analyte binds, this layer is displaced leading to a reduction in the capacitance. This value is registered and compared to values of standard solutions.


A range of substances have been monitored with high sensitivity and good accuracy:

• microbial toxins (cholera, enterotoxin, endotoxin, microcystins etc.)
• viral capsid proteins, e.g. p24 from HIV (this work is done in collaboration with FDA in  the USA
• Specific DNA-sequences corresponding to resistance genes or other important identification tags
• Bioindicators for e.g. some forms of cancer
• Environmental pollutants: heavy metal ions
• A range of proteins (e.g. BSA, PSA) using microcontact imprinting
• Food pollutants, e.g. mycotoxins, pesticides

Potential areas of applications: academic research; clinical diagnostics (HIV, multiresistance etc.);  food – and water quality analyses; biological warfare


A flow-injection system with integrated sampling, sample handling, analysis and data evaluation. This is a versatile analytical system that has been used for:

• monitoring production of intracellular proteins
• optimizing addition of inducer in cultivations of clones proteins
• on-line monitoring of quality of monoclonal antibodies during continuous processing
• immunochemical binding assays
• environmental pollutants


CapSenze can offer:
• unique equipment with extremely good performance

• tailor-made sensor-chips for capacitive biosensor

• development of custom-specific assays

• flow injection system for monitoring bioprocesses

• a unique sampling device for on-line sampling

• tailor-made sensor devices

• design of analytical protocols for bioprocess monitoring

• partner in international research collaborations, e.g. EU, World bank

Areas of applications: monitoring bioprocesses in biopharmaceutical industry, in fermentation industry; food processing; water quality monitoring etc.

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