Cargo Care Solutions A/S

Cargo Care Solutions is an innovative company on the field of cargo access equipment for sea-going vessels. Our worldwide established service network can provide good, reliable and timely after sales and service in order to meet the vessel’s and customer’s needs.
We have an extensive background on the field of cargo access equipment as we are created out of the former service networks of Macor Neptun and SEOHAE Marine System. During these periods we have built up 30 years of experience and are able to supply parts and services for many different brands including MACOR Marine Systems International, Macor Neptun and Transport Efficiency for which we own all original rights for drawings and information. Among others we service: MacGregor, TTS, Tsuji Heavy Industries, Kvaerner, Macgregor-Navire, Dodwell, Macgregor Far East, Nakata Mac, Kayaba and many others.
As an independent and all-round supplier we have fully equipped service stations for the maintenance of cargo access equipment built by many different makers. Our main categories of serviced equipment are: Folding Hatch Covers, Side-rolling Hatch Covers, Pontoon Hatch Covers, RoRo-equipment, Yacht-equipment and Hydraulic Doors. We have many standard spare parts in stock or can deliver it through our extensive network with short lead times. As an all-round and experienced cargo access equipment service provider our experienced staff includes service engineers that can assist you with: pre-docking inspections, general inspections, (emergency) repairs and assistance and supervision during dry-docking.
Cargo Care Solutions A/S
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