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MacGregor solutions improve the efficiency of marine cargo flows and offshore load handling


MacGregor is the global market-leading brand in marine cargo handling and offshore load-handling solutions.

MacGregor equipment is installed on the majority of the world’s RoRo, deepsea, RoPax, cruise and naval fleet as well as on bulk carriers, container, general cargo and offshore support vessels, tankers, transloaders and in ports and terminals. More than 30,000 merchant vessels and 250 naval vessels have been equipped with MacGregor equipment.

Our product range include MacGregor RoRo cargo and passenger access equipment, cranes, hatch covers, self-unloading systems, lashing systems and advanced solutions for subsea load handling, anchor handling and towing and mooring operations. For ports and terminals, Cargotec delivers linkspans, shore ramps, passenger gangways, mooring systems as well as Siwertell bulk handling equipment. We offer electrically-driven solutions for all merchant ship types to meet today’s need for higher efficiency and lower environmental impact.

Cargotec offers fully integrated cargo flow solutions, taking into account the ship’s specific cargo needs. Our solutions ensure optimum placing and integration of all equipment, the safety of ship and crew, without compromising costeffectiveness and long service lifetime. To achieve this, we work closely with shipowners, shipyards, classification societies and consultants.

Later in the lifecycle of the installation, our capability to modernise and convert the original solution helps the operator get even more from the investment by optimising the performance to match new market needs. Once your MacGregor system is in service, Cargotec provides lifetime support in the form of maintenance and service solutions that take care of the full lifetime of your equipment. Our service centres worldwide are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


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