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CARLTSOE SAFETY TOOLS® has been manufacturing top-of-the line tools since 1956. Today the company is one of the leading global manufacturers of Non Sparking, Non Magnetic, corrosion-resistant tools. Tools that are perfect for demanding jobs in high-risk surroundings like the offshore industry; natural-gas installations, oil tankers, gas works, oil drilling platforms, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, shipyards, nuclear industries, ammunition factories and aircraft factories etc.

• Non-sparking Hand Tools for working at Ex-zones (ATEX)
CARLTSOE® Non-sparkling Hand Tools are made from special non sparking Copper- Beryllium alloy and special Aluminum-Bronze alloy. Most of CARLTSOE SAFETY TOOLS® are forged rather than casted, guaranteeing maximum tensile-strength. Our non-sparking tools are ideal for maintenance work in hazardous (Ex- ATEX Zones) industrial environments.

• Drop Protected Hand Tools for Safe work at Heights
CARLTSOE® Drop Protected Tools provides Hand Tools which have been designed to prevent dropping when working “At Height”. By properly securing the Hand Tools to a fixed point or person, dropped objects incidents can be prevented. CARLTSOE SAFETY TOOLS® deliver completely secured tools ready and safe to use, designed to enable user freedom / product functionality. All “light” CARLTSOE® Drop Protected Tools are assembled as standard with securing ring WEAK LINK.

Carltsø Safety Tools• Titanium Hand Tools for working at Medical industries etc
CARLTSOE® Non-Magnetic Titanium Tools are ideal for use in strong magnetic fields (MRI magnetic resonance imaging), thanks to their anti-magnetic behavior and non-ferrous properties. CARLTSOE® Titanium Tools are also designed to be used around sensitive magnetic equipment (including scanners, de-mining, disarming, etc.) where parts made of magnetic materials might cause disturbances. In the computer technology (e.g. hard disk / hard drives), in the automation with sensitive linear drives, or in the aviation industry for adjusting compasses. CARLTSOE® Titanium Tools are also suitable for being sterilized in autoclaves.

• 1000V Double Insulated Tools
CARLTSOE SAFETY TOOLS® can supply a complete range of VDE safety tools for live line working. All our VDE safety tools with dipped coated handles have double safety insulation: inner insulation – yellow, outer insulation – red. This special safety function has been introduced to identify when a tool has been damaged or used under extreme working conditions. In this instance, if some of the yellow insulation is visible the tool is no longer safe.

• Industrial Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
CARLTSOE SAFETY TOOLS® can supply a wide / complete range of Torque Wrenches.

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